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Hi all,
I saw that there are quite a few SOTA summits in Taiwan, since the establishment of the Taiwan SOTA association in November:

I have been to Taiwan a couple of times and still have some of the beautiful mountains on my list. Now, unfortunately, it seems impossible for a visitor to do SOTA operations in Taiwan, because

  • Taiwan is no CEPT country (likely due to the One-China policy of many countries), and
  • temporary licenses are only possible for using the station of a Taiwanese operator.

You are not allowed to bring own ham radio gear, and I could also not find out whether portable operations with gear from and under supervision of a licensed Taiwanese operator is legally possible. My reading of

is that you can only operate from the hosting Taiwanese operator’s home station.

Has anyone more information on this?

73 de Martin, DK3IT

/CC Huawei Su, @BX2AI

EDIT: The only option I see would be to obtain legal resident status and pass the Taiwanese exam, but this is in Chinese only, afaik.

Hi Martin,

A lot of Asian countries fit this description. Off the top of my head, BV, B, HS and YB all require operation only at the station of a local - YB is stricter in only allowing operation at the station of a member of the Indonesian equivalent of DARC. If I recall correctly, HS takes so long to get a license and you can only apply while physically there, that most people’s holiday finishes before they get there.

Most of this is related to political considerations - a random foreigner on a summit sending morse is indistinguishable from a foreign spy on a summit sending morse.

HL will do 3 month visitor licenses, but they are not CEPT aligned and it relies on there being recip. agreements. Japan is similar (no CEPT) but has a broader list of reciprocal agreements.

Hi Martin,

Our political dilemma prevents us from being recognized by or participating in a lot of international programs/organizations such as CEPT.

Currently, the only way for foreign ham to legally operate in Taiwan is to apply a Temporary Operating Permit, and you have to have a “sponsor” who is a licensed ham in Taiwan and willing to lend you his/her rig. Refer here for detail information and procedure.

73 de BX2AFU

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