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In the last issue of the Russian QRP club e-journal an article on SOTA was published, authored by Marat RA9WJV and Igor RV9WIW. The article tells in detail abot the programme rules and describes the R9U/SO team’s activities. The article is illustrated with photos from the various summits activations in the Southern Urals.


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Edition of the Russian Club of Radio Operators of Minor Power # 59 Summer 2017

Tops in the Ether
Summits on the Air -SOTA
Marat RA9WJV, Igor RV9WIW
Perhaps when viewing derived from another mail from foreign amateur radio QSL-cards, Your attention is drawn to the image of a beautiful mark on them - on top of a mountain peak in the sun, as if starting from radiating radio waves in the air circles, traced man with amateur radio antenna in a backpack.
This is the official logo of one of the popular amateur Apex programs in ether (Summits on the Air) (SOTA). speaking
briefly, SOTA - this prize program for amateur radio operators, who use portable radio stations from autonomous nutrition in mountain areas. SOTA It has been specially designed so a way that would participate in it could take everyone, not just experienced climbers! Awards are awarded to her as activators (those who ascent) and Hunters (for those who prefer to stay in the comfort of their amateur corners) and Observers.
The main idea of ​​the program is that all the climbing should always be it parties have done only with the help of his “muscle power”.
Extensively and in detail the rules of the program are set out in its main leadership, which is currently available in Russian translation. Let us a summary of these rules.
The purpose of SOTA (the Program) - to support the amateur radio activity from hills (mountains and hills) and grant award program to amateur radio operators around the world. To make participation in the Program as accessible as possible, even small peaks are included in it, satisfy the criterion P150m, is defined as "the minimum elevation
150 meters. " The scoring system allows for high and low peaks in each geographic region. The program involves a portable work (/ P) and does not allow the operation of a vehicle.
He came up with the original idea of the Program and founded her John Linford G3WGV . The program began its work March 2, 2002 to the territories of England and Wales, soon joined the program Scotia. Today Program includes 134 associations around the world (the number of which is constantly increases), 11,704 participants, including 5,700 Activators, 107826 registered peaks, of which 26381 have already been activated. The total number of QSO, included in
database program, has exceeded 4 million. The program provides for the participation Activators that carry QSO with tops, Hunters who conduct radio communication with the activator, and the observer.
There are no restrictions on who may activate Apex, although it is likely that the majority of activators are from nearby places to mountain areas.
Hunters and observers may be in any country, even if this area is not covered by any Association. In addition to diplomas The program encourages amateur radio activity, expanding knowledge and experience in the use of radio equipment, antennas, software, various equipment as well as stimulates the acquisition of new skills, for example, CW
or digital means of communication (for those who have not mastered them yet).
A small steering group is responsible for the overall management of the program. In particular, it is responsible for creating and maintaining the General Rules and consideration of proposals put forward by the Associations. The Steering Group may cooperate with other participants or associations to help assist in their work. Logically divided by geographical areas form the organizational Program units, known as Association. Each association shall have a Manager of the Association, Preferred are the inhabitants of this region. Managers Association, in consultation with the team manager by SOTA, direct the search for peaks, satisfying the requirements of SOTA (at least P150m), and apply in shaped top of the list. Within portion Association may be one or more Regions. Regions should differ by geography or geology.
There are three classes of members: Activators, hunters and observers. For each class are awarded points and diplomas in accordance with the a certain level of achievement. In the class of activators may be formed team, but points can only be awarded individually.
Club station can not participate themselves as activators. hunters or observers, as individual operators can use the club
call for the calculation of points to his name. The program operates through the Internet, web sites, reflectors and e-mail address in order to maintain an absolute minimum costs.
The program operates on the principle of self-financing through fees Certificates and diplomas donations via SOTA website, shop, etc.
International site by SOTA - . Discussion groups for reports on expeditions and other topics directly related to the Program - Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day . Each association has your date of birth, ie, the date on which it was registered (approved).
Each mountain Region in the Association receives a unique double identifier. Some peaks in the Region get a number between 001 and 999. In the framework of the Association is to create a unique Reference number, e.g. LD-003 . Two zeros at the beginning show that the number is less than one hundred.

Reference number number is used throughout the application to refer to Tops. In order to avoid the repetition of names anywhere in the world, was created International SOTA Reference Number. It consists in adding top box with the description of the Association to the reference number.
To avoid confusion with the program aired Islands - The Islands on the Air (IOTA), letters denote the vertices should not contain abbreviations continents, namely, AF, AN, AS, EU, NA, OC or SA, since regions such two-letter codes already exist.
It is obvious that sometimes the work directly from the top of the mountain can be difficult or even impossible. It is also important that the work should not SOTA interfere with other people who enjoy the mountains. Thus, each The association must determine directly the vertical distance from Top, under which SOTA activity will be counted. it
Vertical distance is determined by the horizontal zones activation in within which the work will be counted. This vertical distance is typically It is 25 meters.
Tops list is not necessarily exhaustive for the Association. It is expected that the list will grow over time, as the program will be to develop in the framework of the Association. The Steering Group has the right to request sufficient information to confirm that the requested the inclusion vertex corresponds to the required criteria. Such information may include references to public independent lists ( ), official publications or results of a detailed analysis
information from the card.
To expedition was considered valid, must meet the following criteria:
• Activator must hold a valid amateur radio license.
Activator must have a license or a temporary / guest / the CEPT license country of residence. Work is licensed under a collective radio station permitted if the work is carried out with the same restrictions that prescribed for this radio station, such as power and frequency.
• All work must be carried out in accordance amateur radio license management using radio amateur frequencies,
authorized in the country in which the Association is based.
• Work must not come from within or in the vicinity of the engine transport. None of the parts of the plant can not be in any way connected to the motor vehicle. However, the use of a bicycle (not motorized) or animals to achieve the activation zones allowed.
• Operating Position must be within the Activation Range. The terrain between Working positions and the top should not be lower than the vertical Distance. By working position is meant directly the operator location.
• All equipment must be brought on top of themselves activators.
All equipment must be powered by a portable energy source (Batteries, solar panels, etc.). Work with DC power source or generator is strictly prohibited. All work must meet any restrictions on the use of transmission devices that may exist on a given vertex.
At least one radio should be held with the top to Activation was counted. In order to get points for the activation,
corresponding to the given vertex, it must be held at least four radio with different stations. QSO shall consist of the exchange of call signs and reports are also strongly recommended that the top of the index is transmitted at each contact. If the top of the index is not transmitted on each contact (E.g. with slow CW QSO) then it may be passed through several QSO. Radio inside one Activation Zone do not count. radio via terrestrial repeaters do not count. through radio artificial satellites or repeaters Ballooning allowed.
Points are awarded for the activation of the operator, regardless of the used callsign. Each operator must hold the minimum number of QSOs, in order to qualify for points for activation. activators must Expeditions to provide the log in order to qualify for Points. When, If this requirement is not met, the activator will still need provide the logs to follow Hunters requests were justified.
Logs can be provided by filling in the form on the SOTA web site or through the log file. It is expected that all SOTA operations will be conducted in the spirit of the program.
If it became known that Activator acted contrary to the spirit of the Program, all Points can be revoked, as well as other measures can be applied.
The top of an unlimited number of times can be activated, but every Activator may claim points for work with certain vertices only once in a calendar year. QSL-cards are not required.
The hunter must have the appropriate radio amateur license. is he must make a QSO with the expedition to the summit, which should at least be an exchange of call signs and two-sided report. On January 1, 2004 Only one radio to a given vertex in any one day shall be counted for Scoring.
QSO via terrestrial repeaters do not count for scoring.
Hunters who wish to participate in the graduation program, must provide log with details of all QSO with Expeditions for which they wish to gain points.
QSL-cards are not required. Activator may claim points for the Hunter QSO, conducted with activators other tops during his expeditions.
Points for Vertex awarded for a single QSO with the Expedition. Multiple QSO with the same Expedition do not give extra points.
The observer must fix QSO between Expedition to the top and any other radio amateur, during which at least was an exchange callsigns and reports. This information must be recorded by an observer.
It should be recorded when in the part of QSO given Reference number SOTA. On January 1, 2004, only one observation of radio communication with a given vertex in any one day shall be counted for score. QSO via terrestrial repeaters
It does not count for points.
Observers who wish to participate in the graduation program, must to provide a log with details of all the observations QSO Expeditions for which they They want to get points. QSL-cards are not required. For overseeing QSO with The expedition is charged on top of one point. additional observations QSO with the same Expedition do not bring extra points.
Program valid for all operating modes and amateur bands.
Activators tops are encouraged to notify the planned expedition to increase opportunities for hunters to get in touch. For this purpose were Create your own online resources to which any interested party may subscribe. Special SOTA frequencies not, however, recommended that the activator notify the frequencies at which they plan to operate their expeditions.
Since the work is likely to be carried QRP, you should avoid using internationally recognized QRP frequencies because of the QRM QRO Hunters.
Activators recommended to use a frequency shift from QRP frequencies to avoid QRM from the Hunters.
Each vertex gives a certain number of points depending on its height. Defined by the six ranges of heights, expressed in meters above sea ​​level. Specific ranges of heights are determined for the Association Manager of the Association and shall be specified in the instructions of the Association (Association Reference Manual).
Activators and hunters will be awarded points as follows: Range 1 - 1 point; Range 2 - 2 points; The range of 3 - 4 points; The range of 4 - 6 points; Range 5 - 8 glasses; Range 6 - 10 points.
According to the Association Manager’s discretion to all Activators involved in Expeditions to the Association, the seasonal bonus may be introduced. goal seasonal bonus - reflect the fact that the security of travel in the mountains
in the bonus period requires additional equipment, as well as his skills use. The bonus can be used, for example, for winter conditions in the areas where seasonal temperatures are very different, or other parameters such as the monsoon season, etc.
The year may be only one season with the maximum bonus for a period of 4 months. The bonus can only be applied to
Expedition to the higher tops and in all cases will be equal to three points. Association Manager shall determine the admissibility of a seasonal bonus for his Association, according to local security concerns. is he also determines the exact date of the bonus period and a minimum height qualifying Summits. If Activator activates a vertex once in a year, he can claim points for any of the Expeditions. If one of the expeditions was during the period of seasonal
bonus, it can count expedition with higher points.
Diplomas, certificates and badges are awarded for achievements in the whole program SOTA, including all of the Association. Category of the awards include:
Diploma «All Summits». The tops are all the corresponding qualification criteria.
Diploma «Unique Summits». Each vertex is counted only once, regardless Depending on the number of activations.
Certificates are issued for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 points, etc. in each category of the awards. Individual certificates are given in groups of activators Hunters and observers.
Diploma «All Summits» can be given the following prizes for:
•Prize «Mountain Goat» for Activators who scored 1000 points.
•Prize «Shack Sloth» for the Hunters, who scored 1000 points.
•Prize «SWL» for the observer, who scored 1000 points.
All these certificates and prizes are available on request Award Manager Steering Group on the basis of loaded logs into the online database. For cost recovery is charged.
Well established and other awards. These include the diploma «Summit to Summit», Diploma «SOTA Complete» for activation and the hunt for the top, diploma «Mountain Explorer »for certain peaks in a number of different associations and the diploma «Mountain Hunter» for hunting certain peaks in a number of different associations, in more than one continent, «Microwave Award», and Hunt certificates for 12, 10 and 6 meter bands.
detailed description these diplomas can to find on site SOTA Shop ( ).
In addition to diplomas, certificates and prizes, shared programs, the Association, individuals and groups can identify their own systems awards, using certain programs data on the top. Such programs can be within one or more associations.
February 1, 2015 Regional registered Association SOTA program: R9U-Russia-Urals, initially includes a description of 337 tops of Southern, Central (Middle) and Northern Ural. The initiator of its creation was Marat RA9WJV.
The path to this wonderful program is quite time-consuming and efforts due to the seriousness of the registration of new associations requirements. In Anyway, it took us almost two years after the decision of the establishing an association before its official registration. Working hard to compiling an initial list of vertices done Insaf RM9WF and Igor RV9WIW. Ongoing advice on all stages of the preparation necessary The documentation is Alexander Naumov UT4FJ. During the two years of existence our association Enroll 14 activators that performed over 50 activations.
SOTA program is very interesting in terms of working on the air at low power field. She seemed specifically designed for QRP-Schnick: uphill nothing extra on my own two feet will not lift - high capacity battery for the 100-watt transceiver is heavy, and the use of gasoline generator is forbidden SOTA rules. The overriding principle: “All I carry with myself!”. Main
equipment are easy QRP-transceiver and antenna effective, and if Estimated duration of the work on the air, then the solar array.
Romance travel radioman-partisan available for all ages - tops are both low, easy to climb, and more serious - physically prepared for the fan, when you need to go to the top a few hours, sometimes on the road, and then another, and to rise from the foot backpack in mountain with a dozen kilometers along a forest trail. In any case, the rise in mountains and work from the top of the air is a fun and useful way to combine the best aspects of hiking and amateur radio.
Work from the top at a relatively low cost for the equipment It provides the opportunity to achieve a lot in amateur radio. Of such kind activation, before normal operation of the QRP, have the advantage that at a height away from the city of electrical noise, even a modest setup provides QSOs across the country and across the continent, not rare and mezhkontitentalnye connection. Often succeed due vertex-vertex (S2S).
Ural Mountains Region, special Southern and Central Urals, provides excellent opportunities for activations. Many tops are available in transport relations and approaches to them simple, climbing routes simple and do not require special climbing equipment.
around popular there are peaks tourist shelters Accessibility various services. there is top, that are not far from the cities, which is good developed radio amateur motion. For example, this shihan (low separate hill) near the cities of Sterlitamak and Ishimbai in Bashkiria several peaks near the town Yuryuzan that in the Chelyabinsk region, and
The greatest number of vertices in R9U Association is a member of the South Urals. This mountain range rises in the Orenburg region, passes through south and east of Bashkortostan, is the western part of the Chelyabinsk region in the north borders on Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, and smoothly passes into the region Central Urals.
Most often, when you activate the vertices we use light and compact QRP-transceiver Yaesu FT-817. When operating on VHF for local and inter-regional relations in FM on 145.500 MHz - miniature transceivers Baofeng. HF main range of 14 MHz and vertical antenna used or Inverted Vee. VHF apply light dual-band antenna 3 + 4, fed one cable, which are described on the website RA6FOO УКВ антенны двухдиапазонные .
Interesting statistics worldwide SOTA QSO distribution ranges:
the largest number relations held in the range 7 MHz, in the second place - 14 MHz, the third place there VHF - 144 MHz. there is several Android-applications for mobile phones that facilitate work live on SOTA program.
It Sota Finger and SOTA Spotter , that allow orientate among mountain vertices at help GPS-location find a specific and express readiness to activate and prospotit themselves.
Many hunters activate it SOTA Spotter and under stay free the information to work from the top is faster and more efficient, sometimes that happens pileup.
Activation conducted in summer and winter. The main thing is that the company was good.
Several times we have been involved with the vertices in sorvenovaniyah Field day VHF.
Conducted in such competitions QSO and are scored on the SOTA program.
Mount Large Iremel R9U / SO-002 , (1582 m) and Sheehan Yuraktau R9U / SO-238 (338 m).
The first activation mountain Small Yamantau R9U / SO-065 , RFF-101 (976 m) in ether Vladimir RX9WT and Marat RA9WJV. Sergey RV9WMZ on top of the mountain Moskal R9U / SO-052 (1024 m).
Activation in the winter, Igor RV9WIW, 144 MHz, 9U / SO-157 (705 m).
Field shack on Vladimir RK8A Zavyalikha top of the mountain, R9U / SO-103 (858 m).
Mr. Kirel, early spring in the mountains, Marat RA9WJV, R9U / of SO-035 (1119 m)
Activation Sheehan Yuraktau on VHF broadcast Oleg RV9WNM, R9U / SO-238 (338 m)
How to participate in the program? All the necessary information you can be found on the SOTA web site: - general information and rules for the SOTA program; Summits on the Air - edition of the general rules of the program SOTA, including and in Russian; - base vertex data and activation; - interactive portal for the activation of alerts and for placing photos and video reports; - graphic portal vertex (with support for cards Google Earth);
RU-QRP Club forum :: Тема: SOTA (1/19) , SOTA - threads for SOTA program on Russian-speaking forums. Mountain name!
See you in the SOTA!
CQ-QRP # 59

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