SOTA in England

It sounds like some SOTA might be possible soon in England. Hard to be sure until the details of the Prime Minister’s plans are released. It appears that the changes will come into force on Wednesday.


Was thinking the same thing Richard, is there a way of checking if it’s possible? Who would we approach for clarification?

Apparently 50 pages of clarification will be published tomorrow. It won’t refer to SOTA, obviously.


I’ve posted my alert.


Ring 101 and ask them…

:rofl: if I thought I’d get a sensible answer I might!

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Seems pretty cut & dried to me Tom…

What are the new lockdown rules for driving?
Previous guidelines said that people had to exercise close to their home. Police guidance stated that people could only drive to another location to exercise if they spent more time exercising than driving there and back.
But the Prime Minister said that Britons would now be allowed to drive to other locations to exercise. So you will be allowed to drive to a nearby beauty spot to take your exercise instead of being restricted to your immediate neighbourhood.
Derbyshire Police came under fire early in the lockdown when they used drones to catch people who had driven to national parks to exercise - even though they were well away from other people. This will now be allowed.<

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I would be a little cautious. LBC is hardly an authoritative source.

LBC’s webpage says the same as what the PM said. Did you miss the broadcast?

Now if you’d have said “Boris Johnson is hardly an authoritative source”, that would carry more substance.


It infers things that the PM did not say. I would await the written guidance myself.

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Not with regard to this specific context Richard.

He did say that we can drive out to the countryside to take exercise.

He did say that there was no limit on amount of exercise.

He did say that it was acceptable to sit and relax in the countryside.

That ticks all the boxes for a local SOTA activation, though setting up well away from the summit would be good practice to support social distancing. This is good practice at any time of course.

The one aspect I will mine the published guidance for is any suggested distance/time limit for the drive out to the countryside. Daytrips to the Berwyns* or Yorkshire Dales might still be out of order.

[*Not possible yet in any case due to GW not relaxing the lockdown rules at this stage].

Look forward to working you Wednesday morning.


Apparently, the Stay at Home guidelines are still in force in Scotland, Wales & NI…

So English SOTAS only for the foreseeable

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Being welcome in the countryside might be an issue - I’m not sure how parking in the countryside would go down with the locals. Things took a long time to recover after foot and mouth in the UK - this might be similar. I’m going to wait a week or so to see how this pans out. Suddenly R is more interesting than SWR. Paul


I quite agree with you Tom having watched the PMs broadcast.

I think I’ll be able to activate the odd G/LD summit on the way home from work without breaking the guidance. Though I’ll ensure I review it carefully before doing an activation.

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Isn’t Toms second address ‘The Cloud’ ? :grin: handy being so close, my closest is about an hour away… by car…

Or Welsh ones that can be accessed from England!

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:thinking: hmmm, technically… depends on how fanatical the Heddlu are in enforcement I guess

I sat watching the Boriscast and as he spoke I could already picture that there would be a thread like this when I next looked. I knew who’d be posting and what the alerts would be for. I won my bet with myself and am going to collect my reward from the Bowmore No. 1 bottle.


GW government spokesman on BBC1 Wales said visitors from G would be liable to police enforcement action. So no.

(Except I suppose Black Mountain on the border)

I’m Just looking at a route for SW41 from this side :slight_smile: