"SOTA-Holidays" in the Alps

Dear “SOTA friends”:

During the month of August we have planned some activities SOTA by mountains of the Alps.

We will tour France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy. We will try to announce in advance in “SOTAwatch”.

The activities will be in HF, 14 MHz band principally. Although also try on VHF with a talkie.

In case anyone was interested, EA2DCA & EA2DNO we will be happy to contact you!!! 73

EA2DCA, Alberto
Durango, Basque Country.

In reply to EA2DCA:

Hello Alberto,

I hope you all have a very good tour and hope to catch you on some of the summits 8)

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

Hi Alberto,

Having just done something similar myself this month, I hope you get the same great weather that I enjoyed. I activated 3 alpine mountains - 2 in Germany and 1 in Austria.

Are you looking for “difficult” or easy mountains? Many (that are used in the ski season) have cable cars almost to the top, so if you want an easy enjoyable trip out, you can take the cable car, then walk out of and back into the activation area (note these can be different in different countries) or of course you could walk/climb from the valley to the peak if you are so inclined.

The advantage of the easy option is that the XYL / YL is more likely to come along.

73 and have fun, Ed VK2JI.

In reply to EA2DCA:

I hope you will enjoy your SOTA-trip around the Alps in the same pleasure as I did mine in northern Spain und southern France during the last three weeks.
One of the activations was in Spain on EA3/LL-046 close to Pedraforca and two others in Massive Central in France.

I hope to meet you on qrg as chaser or by chance S2S

73 es 55, Franz

In reply to VK2JI:

Hi Ed, we will try to climb some high mountains and other easier but always without mechanical means, only by foot.

Some days will be very hard and others a simple walk, but no problem, we are on holidays, hi hi!!

Thank you very much, I hope you hear,

73 de EA2DCA