SOTA goes choccy woccy crazy

The culmination of my birthday celebrations today was the cake at the restaurant. Incredible what they can do these days.

73 Glyn


Very cool, Glyn! It would be a shame to eat it!

I am sure that there has been a significant rock fall since that photo was taken.:grinning:

Happy Birthday Glyn!

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WOW! Truly amazing work of edible art. You have good folks to go to the trouble to put that together for you! Looks really good

That birthday cake looks good. Happy 60th Birthday Glyn.

Jimmy M0HGY



Happy Birthday! The cake looks fabulous but I am getting vertigo looking at it! Sorry we left the lake district just before you arrived so couldn’t send birthday greetings in a S2S. Looks as if you should have the good weather we left you today but not so sure about the rest of the week… Have fun!
Viki M6BWA



Very good artwork!! have a great 60th! hope we chat soon on the SOTA


Tony - G7OEM

Belated Birthday greetings Glyn…have a nice time in LD.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Happy Birthday. Almost a shame to eat it.