SOTA + Goat

Actually two SOTAs and quite a few goats…

Here is my activation report from Tryfan and Glyder Fawr:

Glyder Fawr - Finally

Light-weight 2m and 70cm activations.

Thanks everyone!


Simon. Thanks for great activation report and very good photographs.It was a great pleasure for me working your SOTA summits, GW/NW-003 and GW/NW-007 on both 2Mtr. and 70cm. bands. Congratulations for your station, great audio and big signal to my QTH, in Oldham. the pictures brought back very happy memories of times, (many years ago), rock climbing in that area. It is always a pleasure to hear you. Best Wishes, 73 de Paul.

Hi Simon,
That’s one of the best goat pictures I’ve seen. Worth the climb for that alone.


Near OM/BB-002 (1980 m) Nizke Tatry

Thanks for the QSOs Paul - it was a pleasure. I hope we can have some more soon.

Thanks for you kind comment Ron. Well I just had to upload the video then (with some slides thrown in):

Very nice Miro. But mine has bigger horns! :smiley: (but a funny call!)

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Nice report Simon. Very pleased to get you from Pillar.

Idwal slabs is correct for the climbing spot,

Interestingly each year these goats are responsible for several “false call with good intent” callouts to Mountain Rescue. In the gloom and over medium distances on still nights their calls sound very much like a human calling “Heeeelllllp”.