SOTA Goat Application Glitch

When using SOTA Goat to post a 23cm spot the SOTA Goat application changes the frequency from 1296.1 to 1.2961. The alert function does not seem to have this problem. I noticed this on Saturday when I was operating on 23cm to activate Mount Tamalpias W6/CC-063 and using SOTA Goat to self spot. Tested today by creating spots and alerts. Alerts appear to work correctly but Spots have the decimal point moved - oops. My temporary solution is to put a note in the Spot that I am operating on 23cm. I have written to the SOTA Goat author to bring this to his attention.

Joe, you are simply holding the iPhone wrong. :wink:

aNdY - you might be right

Seems like it is turning the frequency into Ghz. Correct but not the norm.

Confirmed just now. Test spot deleted.

Heard back from the author/creator of SOTA Goat and he will fix.

It is clear why it happens. The SOTA API expects only one decimal symbol.
Looks like the app is adding a thousands separator during contacting the API and that translates the frequency


and this gets spotted as 1.2961 MHz.
First decimal wins.
And why all of that? Because internationally unharmonized writting of decimal separators.
Btw. in German it is vice versa.
decimal = , comma
thousands separator = . period

Don’t event want to rant about date formats :woozy_face:
Programmers and data analysts nightmares…

73 Joe