SOTA Goat App (iOS)

Noticed that in the SOTA Goat App for iOS. There are no W9 summits on it.
I emailed Rockwell.

73 Erik WX4ET

Nevermind it would help if I updated the summit database.

73 Erik WX4ET

Indeed you should because if you don’t have W9 you were probably also missing

W8M USA - Michigan
KH6 USA - Hawaii
K0M USA - Minnesota
W4A USA - Alabama
W8O USA - Ohio
VK2 Australia - NSW
VK4 Australia - Queensland
W0N USA - Nebraska
VK8 Australia - Northern Territory
EA6 Balearic Islands
VE9 Canada (New Brunswick)
W0D USA - Dakotas
YU Serbia
VK6 Australia - WA
KP4 USA - Puerto Rico
VK7 Tasmania
CU Azores