SOTA & GMA & PHOTO trip to Saxony

Fred DL8DXL and Bernd DL2DXA have always been loyal chasers for us here in the north. That’s why we’ve been wanting to visit them in the Dresden area for a long time and go to the summits with them.

Last year we were able to visit the Erzgebirge with Bernd, and this time we definitely want to meet Fred too. And it worked out perfectly.

By the way, I made the image documentation with an analog camera. So don’t be surprised by the self-developed black and white photos. (Voigtländer Bessa L with Scopar 21mm and yellow filter, Ilford Delta 100)

1st day Monday, May 13th - Hoher Hagen DM/NS-141 and Collm DM/SX-085
On the motorway from Hanover in the direction of Dresden you can reach the convenient “drive in” mountain Hoher Hagen after 1.5 hours. Ideal for a short stop with activation. But the conditions are extremely bad and the local qrm there is – as always – very high. Only 2 QSOs are not enough for a valid activation, but the surprising S2S with Claudio IX1IHR/P makes up for it.

So on to Collm. Prepared for the black out on HF, we grab the Quangsheng 2m handheld radio for an incredible 20 euros. Suddenly Bernd calls from the GMA Berg DA/SX-641 in FM over 50km. Having become brave, we set up the shortwave and Markus IN3ADF is the first to answer: “It’s been far too long since I’ve heard from you, Markus, thank you very much!”
And Fred and Bernd also come back to 40m and we are hopeful that the conditions will allow successful activations again.

In the evening we reach Dresden and move into our AirBnB apartment, which was great by the way.

2nd day Tuesday May 14th – Lilienstein DM/SX-057
Bernd kindly agreed to accompany us and drive to the mountain.
The climb is surprisingly pleasant with many steps carved into sandstone and perfectly secured.

Once at the top we enjoy the view of Königstein. Bernd immediately grabs 2m/70cm and in 20 minutes he has 50 qsos in the log. Incredible! In Saxony, the 145,425 is constantly monitored and even without announcement you can always find chasers. Respect, something like that is unimaginable back home in Hanover.

We look for a quiet place10 meters from the south descent and throw our 20m long EFHW into the treetops. The conditions were sufficient on 60-20m and in 1.5 hours we had 16 QSOs and 6 of them S2S in the log.

By the way: Bernd set up his KX2 80m away at the obelisk. We didn’t hear any of his signals at all. If we had met here by chance, each other’s activation would have gone completely unnoticed. So I think it’s entirely possible that two activists can legally work on a summit at the same time without running into each other. Interesting!

In the evening we have a delicious meal in a Turkish restaurant.

3rd day Wednesday May 15th – Pabststein DM/SX-045

Again Bernd was kind enough to drive and accompany us. The climb to Pabststein is much more effortless, but the view is also very attractive. The summit plateau is smaller, but again we can activate at the same time without disturbing each other. Bernd in the CW range on 40m, we at the end of the band, everything went smoothly.

The activation site is very attractive.

After an hour we meet in the recommended mountain restaurant and have a delicious meal.

From up there you have a wonderful view of the Elbe, the Lilienstein and the Königstein.

When I arrived back in Dresden, I sat down on the banks of the Elbe and sent my log to the database.

4th day Thursday May 16th – Wettinhöhe GMA DA/SX-230

Today is departure day and we finally meet Fred. He lives about 30 minutes north of Dresden by car. There we admire his house, the garden and his station. How often my call must have been heard in that room. But we still have something planned, our first GMA activation in a long time. There’s plenty of time to get to know each other in the car and on the way to the summit. We’ve barely set up when Bernd comes around the corner.

And so we can really thank you for the warm welcome and the wonderful days here in Saxony.

73 Chris and Uwe DK8OA


How nice to see true BW pictures. Sadly I have replaced my lab by a digital Tri-X procedure…


Hi Chris,
Nice report. It’s always nice to meet chasers and even better to do an activation with them. Also, very nice black and white photos.


tnx fer fb rprt, Chris!
The b/w pictures instantly brought back memories from my 2003 Scandic trip, when I used an analog camera for the last time. Great look.



Hi Chris,

Great report and lovely to see the BW pictures, which piqued my interest. My compliments on the sharpness and contrast of your Scopar lens. I’m curious to know what ‘soup’ you developed the Delta 100 in?

73, John


Thank you for the compliments, dear John.

I’m surprised myself at how good the images are and how there are no visible grains. I only rediscovered analogue photography six months ago - after a 30-year break.

I develop the Delta 100 in Adox FX-39 II Then shot the negatives with a LUMIX FX8 with macro lens and edit the RAW files in SilkyPix 10.

73 Chris


Interesting technique. It certainly works well! I never gave up on analogue photography completely, but for a long time it was difficult to source materials. Great to see the revival in interest. I used the original FX39 before Paterson stopped making it. Adox have revived and updated a lot of the old chemistry.