SOTA get together @ Dayton Hamvention?

Is there a SOTA get together/meetup @ Dayton traditionally? Do people on here make a special trip for this?

There is usually a mid-day meetup on Saturday at the bleachers between the two main buildings. I’m sure someone will post up before next year and hopefully @KR7RK Keith will have another great SOTA forum. If you haven’t been to Dayton, it is definitely worth checking out.

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Thanks. I’ve been to Hara maybe 5 years ago, the only reason I visit Dayton is for social reasons (meet people I know on the air).

I was thinking of making the trip this year if many of the chasers/activators are going. I guess as things get closer I’ll look for a thread on people going.

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Stay tuned…but yes, SOTA fun will most definitely be there!

Keith KR7RK