SOTA General News

In the last few months, SOTA news has split up into several independently focussed topics such as awards, association updates e.t.c., which is helpful as it allows readers to select areas of interest.

What has been missing is some of the more general non specific news, analyses and reviews to which various people have contributed and which may have been of general interest, but who knows.

After discussions with Tom and Andy, I have volunteered to compile a quarterly general news topic to see if there is still some interest. I don’t know whether that might develop or or fade away but we will see.

Anyhow my target date is 1st April 2019, so if you have any general news, review or analysis that you would like to share but do not feel that it is worth a topic on its own, please let me have your text. You can do that via a PM on this reflector or preferably via email at op at g0cqk dot co dot uk (you can work that out).

If nothing is received nothing will be published.


Hi Jim,
I’ve got the feel that the graphs showing the SOTA activity in Spain and the Hispanic American Countries that I use to publish in my monthly issue of SOTA news in Spanish and I have also posted in English on the Reflector, fits perfectly in this general news bulletin you intend to put together and I’d be very pleased to send it to you for inclusion in your General News bulletin.
My only problem is with the due date.
I have always prepared the graphs and the rest of the news for my bulletin in Spanish once the previous month has ended and always depending on my available time, as it takes me a not little number of hours to put everything together.
So, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get that sent to you by the 1st of the month and I think it will be something more like ASAP within the 1st week of the month.
Will you mind if I post my graphs and coments about SOTA activity in Spain and the Hispanic American Countries in the same thread that you will monthly create with your General News or you prefer that I keep posting them on my own in an independent thread, like I’ve done over the last 2 or 3 months?
Thank you.


That would be fine Guru. I may not be able to make it exactly on the 1st myself as I would like to include some reflector statistics and sorting out those may take a littlle bit of time. It is always possible to add to the news after it’s original posting date. I am trawling thorough previous SOTA News posts to identify people who may wish to contribute and so far my PMs are not yielding many results, especially from the other side of the pond. We’ll just have to see how it goes. I am just looking for general commentary with photos if people have them. Any one from West of the Atlantic?

One strategy I am looking at is creating a special category “News Editors” which would only be available to people who were included in the “News Editor” Group. I would add people to that manually.
That would allow contributors to completely prepare their own contribution in advance of publication. I would be able to compile these into a single news report using the reflector select and move features.
That’s the theory but if and how that might work needs to be explored.
73 Jim


This is just a reminder that if you have something that could be of interest to the SOTA community suitable for inclusion in the April SOTA quarterly news, now is the time to put together your contribution inclusive of words and pictures and let me have it.

Contributions are thin on the ground right now so if you want something like this to continue, now is the time to put your fingers to the key board. Been on any tour recently? - reached any personal milestone? - encountered anything out of the ordinary? - exploring any new equipment? any funny happenings?

I hope to publish whatever I have received, early next week - 1st April is not practible but shortly after.
73 Jim