SOTA gathering in Japan illustrated

I think this illustration of the recent gathering of SOTA enthusiasts in Japan deserves recognition. In a neat drawing the artist has summarised a multi operator activation of a summit in a charming but documentary way. I just love it. It was published on a facebook group but deserves wider publication. (I could not find an appropriate category for it)


Wow! I agree, very worthy of recognition is this artistic depiction. Looks like it must have been a quite chilly activation. Bravo, JA activators and artist!!!


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That’s a neat drawing. I wish someone would document my activations like that!

Do we know who the artist was please Andrew? I think his idea and drawing are a great asset to the SOTA community.

It was originally posted by Takeshi Abe, whose call is JG1GPY. There is also a video taken by the drone in the drawing, in which all participants waved to the camera. All very well done. A great innovative style showing the atmosphere of a mutli-operator multi-band activation. And Takeshi’s FB home image is in similar style. Wish I could draw like that…

Abe-san also does excellent drawings of things seen through his telescope, as well as drinking like a true Japanese :slight_smile:

Was pleased to see I’ve met 5 of the people in the image, and worked almost all the rest.

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Greetings from Japan. I really appreciate your compliments for the drawing.
Please stop by my QRZ page whcih includes some of the drawings such as a moon crater, ham raido activations. I hope you enjoy them,
I ,of course, remember the joyful meeting with you, Andrew!


Right side…That’s me…JA4RQO Happy New Year to all…Thanks


I’ve never heard of a 6 Meter Sky Door antenna.

Can anybody comment on performance, construction plans, etc?

Many thanks.

73 & HNY
Nate N0PCL

Google is your friend both in finding the info and in translating if you don’t speak German or Japanese.

I’d love to suggest alternate search engines to Google. But I wont because most of them are useless in comparison.

One of my fellow vk1 activators built a similar antenna for 10m. I think it amounts to an elongated loop, or a quad element stretched vertically. I have sent an email to my friend and will let you have any info he provides.

I suspect similar performance will be obtained from a delta loop or a diamond loop (4 sided). I built a diamond loop for 10m and it went very well.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

The published name of Adan’s 10m antenna looking like that window antenna is Hentenna. I have no idea of the derivation of that name. The designer looked up and the first thing he saw was a hen? Just guessing.
Edit: Adan confirmed the antenna was a Japanese design. He modelled it using 4NEC2 to get the correct dimensions for 10m.

Hen is Japanese for strange. When it’s horizontal, it vertically polarized, which is very hen antenna wise


Sky door and Hentenna are similar but not eactly same, I believe. Any way, hen means strange in Japanese for sure ,and hentenna means a strange antenna which was designed a few decades ago by Japanese ham radio operators. Hentenna is most popular in 6m band here.

JP1QEC, MOT made a YouTube video of the SOTA party. The video depicts
very well about the fun we had on the day, and it also includes JA4RQO, Hay’s fantastic drone view. Please take a look the video below.


…wonderful! Another beautiful way of communicating!!!