SOTA fun for 3 Euros

Recently I built a Pixie just for fun, which I bought for 3 Euros, wondering if I can make a SOTA contact with this minimal RIG.
After a few calls I got the first answer. Within half an hour I could contact 9 stations.
I was glad and satisfied about this success (although the RX filtering is extremely bad).
Thanks to all the stations for calling me! It was a great pleasure to activate HB/ZH-015 with the Pixie (pwr 100mW)!
cuagn es 73 de HB9BAB, Jürg
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-17 um 16.26.58


I must get one - and if you spend a little more you can get them in a case!

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Well done!

I bought one for this purpose… waiting for a rainy week-end to build it!

Nice idea but the low pass filtering is minimal - did you check the output for harmonics?

With only 100 mW output on 7 MHz only a pedant would have… LOL :innocent: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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As they ‘swing’ between the harmonics? :wink:

Nice to have a qso with only 100mW, Juerg! Your signal was pretty good (549) considering my trap dipole. I look forward to the next contact, maybe QRP/QRPP!!!

There’s enough energy to put out a viable signal on 20m too - so it’s not pedantry.

Two bands for the price of one!

73, Colin

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It’s Belcom Liner 2 of the HF world :wink:

Fair comment Colin. I’m told the UK licence now allows you to transmit on more than one frequency at the same time, which I believe was not permitted when I got my licence in 1982. Maybe HB9 licence is the same? I don’t think the receiver side of the Pixie, described as being low in selectivity won’t be bad enough to listen over the 7 MHz difference between 20 and 40 meters! Its a fun experiment for sure though, nice one Juerg @hb9bab

73 Phil

On my 14 MHz CW activation of EA8/FU-036 last November, my KX3 running 10 watts to an inverted vee dipole was picked up and spotted on SOTAWatch by an EA8 RBN station on 28 MHz in La Oliva - line of sight 4 miles away!

73 Phil G4OBK

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