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SOTA Fun Evening

Well, Tuesday night is SOTA night, and it looks like at least two of us will be on, looking at the alerts. Could be more if Ron GW4EVX is QRV from NW-051 in the contest, likewise with Pete M0COP if he goes to WB-005.

A reminder to Jordan M3TMX - and all - that it is 6m week this week in the RSGB activity contests, so those of us that combine Fun Evening with contesting will be somewhere either side of 50.150MHz SSB (6m SSB centre of activity).

I always try a bit of CW and FM as well on contest nights, but rarely with any success. Of course, being a contest, I won’t be self-spotting such moves, so I shouldn’t really be surprised if no-one is listening!

Right, best get them rechargables charged up for the headtorch. It will be needed for the last half hour, the packing away, and the descent.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:

In view of the singular failure to contact you on cw the last couple of times, where and when are you likely to be on cw? Don’t think it’s self-spotting 24 hours before the contest!



In reply to M1EYP:

A reminder to Jordan M3TMX - and all - that it is 6m week this week in
the RSGB activity contests

Thanks for the info Tom; I was meant to look on the RSGB website for that. If anyone is listening, weather permitting, I will be trying to do activations of various summits in and around Shropshire throughout the week. Hopefully S2S’s are in mind tomorrow night!

Jordan M3TMX

In reply to G3WPF:

All 6m CW activity I have ever heard has been in the 50.080 to 50.099 area Reg.


In reply to M3TMX:

Hi, Jordan, I hope to be camping near Bishops Castle Friday to Monday and activating a few summits so I hope we can overlap for the odd S2S.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M1EYP:

Can’t make it to NW-051 tomorrow evening Tom but I hope to be /P from a non-Sota location for the contest.