Sota Fun Evening 17/7/07

Hi everyone

I have just checked the latest weather forecast for Tuesday 17/7/07 and it doesn’t look very good.

Heavy showers with thunder are forecast across the UK, especially down the Eastern side of the UK.

I think in the interests of safety, we might have to give it a miss tomorrow evening.
Having said that, it is up to the individual to make their own decision, but please, TAKE NO RISKS WHATSOEVER!!! the summits will still be there next week.

I’ll check the forecast again tomorrow, things might change, fingers crossed, and I will update this post as early as possible.

Thanks and 73 Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:

Hi Mike,

Will not be out on TW-004 tomorrow night as the WX here is bad for the week accept for Thursday, we are having a bad thunderstorm at this moment been going for an hour now but will see how it goes.

Hope things are ok over in welsh wales there Mike.

73 Terry G0VWP

Count me out this week as well. Marianne is out on a staff meeting followed by a full night shift, so my sorte out of the house will extend to simply collecting Jimmy from the ATC at 9.30pm.

Hi to all

I have just checked the wx again and it looks no better.
We have had thunder storms in North Wales today and more is expected, so it looks like I won’t be out tonight.

If by some miracle it does get better, I’ll catch you from the top.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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I had hoped to do HF (inc. CW) on Wendover Woods tonight. But… The weather and family activities now count me out.

Shame… not likely to be activating again on Tuesday until mid-late August although I will listen from afar, just in case… remember all you activators, 30M will be good for SM land…hi

73 Marc GØAZS

PS You wouldn’t believe the price of downspout in B&Q… corrugated paper here I come!

In reply to GW0DSP:

I have just checked the wx again and it looks no better.

We have just had another bad thunder storm here in York.

So will be in the shack instead, shame was looking forward to getting out.

73 Terry G0VWP

In reply to G0VWP:

Looks like maybe a HH activation only for me, apologies.

73 Mike

In reply to G0VWP:
The clouds are decaying to give a fine evening here, but I can’t get out tonight, either!

It’s worth checking the weather radar to see whats coming your way:


Brian G8ADD

The storms have eased here so will attempt an activation.
Sorry but it might end up as Hand held activation only, or FT-817 and Horizontal sotabeam for FM and SSB, will take HF gear and see what the wx is up to when I get up there.

73 Mike GW0DSP