Sota from 9. to 17.June

hello, one week of pure sota-activity is planned ;-).i want to activate some ( or more,hi) summits in the Black Forest and on the Black Forest high route from the 9. to 17.June…i will place no alerts in sotawatch before,because it´s difficult to say exactly times depending upon activity and ways from summit to summit. i will set one alert here in sotawatch if i drive off here and how much summits are planned at the day.i think from 9 to 17.june every second day is a activity,if wx ok and my feets are ok.every day abt. 3 summits on 10.1-cw,7-cw,7-ssb and 3.5-cw with my normal rig-setup …

hpe cu u on the summits

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Looking forward to working you, Klaus during your activations.


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thanks Klaus, for this information, and new activity in project.
we will be at your ecoute, and hope good propagation to contact you in many références.
best regards
lionel f5nep

Hi all,
tomorrow i plan to activate 5 summits on the black-forest high-route.the summits are DM/BW-030 , BW-039 , BW-50 , BW-19 and BW-28. Not so much summits as other activators due per day :wink: , but i will use efficient antennas and will have time to do much qso´s as possible.50 points are possible for the chaser this day from me.i start at the 9.June in the morning hours.i spot if i go from here…

hope see u tmrw. 73 Klaus

the times and qrg - watch spotlite…
normaly use 10.118,7.032,7.118 and 3558. other qrg´s due to the qrm.i set 0600utc for first activation, but perhaps be there later :wink:

Weather Forecast says heavy thunderstorms tomorrow over the western part of south-DL.So i cancel my sota-tour over the black-forest high-route.i have 2 weeks more of holidays and i think in a few days the thunderstorms are away and i activate the summits later this week.i will look tmrw for summits nr my home-qth in the swabian-alps…sory, but sota with thunder in the air is no funny thing :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus - I hope to do Schliffkopf & Lupfen on my trip to F`hafen, they both have geocaches on them. Do I have to pay (eintragung gebuehr) entrance fee to activate your hill? ;-)))))
Steve G1INK

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That’s it, Steve. This the reason why I can not buy anything this year at the HAM…;-))

73, Ralf DH3IAJ

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Hi Steve , Ralf…;-)))

All - sorry, that was my big Sota-Tour for today ! 1 summit :wink: Now we have thunderstorms and heavy rain/hail here.hope other activators have better wx in DL in activity day…hope tomorrow better wx.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

P.S. Think SOTA-France is growing fast.Many chasers/new callsigns from F in my log.

Hi Klaus,
surprised to find you in the “cluster” from BW-057 !
It looks like you are luckier than last year with your home
and car (Gottseidank!!!).
WX here still thunderstorm, rain, hail, etc…
Sri, so no chance to take part at the SOTA-DL-Activity-Weekend today.
Hope for better wx tomorrow after QRL (abt. 13Z).
Vy73 awdh es sote4ever de Fritz

In reply to DL4FDM:
Hi Fritz,
thanks for your call today :wink: In the afternoon wx here was better,so i go to my “house-summit” for a short activation.signals are good , but heavy contest and data-qrm.40m ssb only 4 qso´s due to vy data-qrm/tuning/contest and so on.hope i have tomorrow more luck with the weather,but forecast says same thunderstorms as today in the i plan to go early in the morning for sota.hope to work you on sunday as activator or chaser…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

by the way…
on todays activation on dm-bw057 “Lupfen” Phil G4OBK was my SOTA-QSO-Nr.5000 :wink: after 15months of sota…activation ended with qso 5009 GM4YMM Christine.
Many Thanks all chasers !!!

In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter,
sorry i lost ur signal in ssb today.i called you then in cw, but signal drops down from one to the other second.i can´t wait for your signal comming up with the qsb,because a fat thunderstorm was growing over my head . so i made ultra-fast qrt :wink:

hope to work u tmrw…73 klaus

hello friends,
planed sota-week not runs as planned.the 6th day we have thunderstorms and vy rain here in s-dl.and i don´t go sota with thunderstorms around 100km from the summit.i hope for better wx at the mid of the week or next week…
thanks to the chasers who worked me at the weekend.over 200qso´s from 4 summits not bad for heavy contest/data-qrm on 40m . sorry for not operating on 80m this weekend , due to the static/qrn from the lightnings all over europe.i tried 80m at saturday on both summits , but with zero qso´s . 30m-cw was the best band for me again with most contacts and good prop. to uk and other europeans.yesterday i made only a few qso´s on 40-cw…to much contest rtty es others.many stations called me and give numbers to me,hi.and after sending “hr sota” , they are gone ;-)but 40m - ssb works also well at sunday on dm/bw-065 where i used my 60m longwire again.
hope to catch u again from the summits…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN