Sota freq

do you have a list of freq that you use

john m0hem

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Each operator seems to have preferred frequencies. Trouble is, once you establish a pattern the loonies are waiting for you!


Brian G8ADD

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I tend to use 7.032 cw, 7.118 ssb, 10.118 cw, 14.060 cw, 14.230 ssb, 145.425 fm 144.320 ssb and if you have 5Mhz NoV FE. But as Brian said these can be or have to be varied occasionally. Also these are always + or - QRM. Look at the SOTAWatch page to see what others are using that will also give you an idea.

Hope that helps

73 Glyn…GM4CFS

Hi John,

Glyn has given you some “standards” in his list.

80m tends to be down to the individual, though 3.666 and 3.725 are popular choices.
60m - certainly 5.3985 (FE) is the main frequency, though it can often be affected by QRM and I have known it to be in use by another SOTA activator, so after a quick summit to summit, I’ve moved off, usually down one or two channels depending upon QRM / occupancy.
40m - as Glyn has noted, +/- QRM.
30m - ditto, often down to 10.115 rather than up the band.
20m - 14.060 cw and 14.285 ssb. I would avoid 14.230 as it is the SSTV frequency.
2m - usual frequencies on ssb tend to be 144.310 and 144.320, though I (and a few others) use 144.333. FM generally 145.450. 425 or 400, maybe the latter being the most popular. Again it depends on occupancy.
70cms and 23cms - just call on 433.5 or 1297.5 and see what happens…

Hope to work you sometime soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Thank you for correcting the 20m freq - I was operating SSTV at the time I wrote the response - doh!

73 Glyn