SOTA Forum at Dayton 2019

This year the Forums Committee at Hamvention has offered a slot for a SOTA Presentation. You may have noticed that SOTA has been getting a LOT of positive mentions in the press - it’s definitely become a mainstream ham radio activity. Just take a look at the ARRL’s graphic for Hamvention:

The current forums schedule is online at

Hopefully we can fill the room! Saturday morning is crazy busy at the event, but I’ll do my best to make it worth your time to attend. Hope to see many of you on Saturday in Forum Room 5, 9:15am. Please bring any friends who might be curious about SOTA!

73 de Keith KR7RK



I will not be able to attend Hamvention this year but I enjoyed your presentation from last year and meeting all the other SOTA operators. You certainly deserve a better location this year than the small corner of an entrance way you were in last time where people were coming and going through to get out of the rain!

Scott WA9STI

Excellent, Keith. I see that POTA had a forum last year, so certainly SOTA deserves one as well, now and going forward. Looking forward to it.

I volunteered to do a SOTA presentation for Ham Radio 2.0. Keith, I think this may have been the same location/venue at which you made your excellent presentation last year. So as Scott noted, let’s hope for better wx in the vestibule ;-).

73 Paula k9ir

I’ll try to attend Keith, I’m over with the ICQPodcast media team from Europe.

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI / G8GLM.

I know you will do a great job Keith. Wish I could be there. Maybe the basis for a SADXA program? 73 Tom

Keith, if you need any help preparing the forum (for example, contacting/following up with potential presenters, promotion, etc.), just let me know. I’d be happy to help however I can.

73 Paula k9ir

Great! You are an effective ambassador for SOTA! Thanks for doing the presentation and sharing our hobby (passion) with more potential “recruits!”

Dave, AE9Q

Keith, I sent you an email at your address with an offer to help. Thanks!
Scott WB8ICQ

Far out Keith. I know you’ll knock it out of the park. Wish I could get the time off for the journey. Maybe next year. Good luck…!

Mark - KG6LI