SOTA Forum at Charlotte Hamfest

Wow! We had a great turnout today and nearly filled the room with probably 75-80 folks. Special thanks to Bill W4GRW (Forum Manager) and Hal N4QT (Carolina DX Association President) for allowing us to present and for the nice publicity on the hamfest website:

Christian KF4LXB did the heavy lifting with a very professional PowerPoint presentation based on N7UN’s slides which Christian customized for our W4C Association (NC/SC).

Christian, Pat KI4SVM, Pete WH6LE, Tommy W4TZM and myself then followed up with brief demonstrations of our SOTA setups. We ran out of time and then adjourned to the building entrance where we had several interested folks lingering for up to an hour. I think it’s a safe bet to say we’ll get some SOTA converts from the attendees.

We also had Lee AA4GA from the Atlanta area in attendance as well as Larry AE4LD, President of LNR Precision which now manufactures the EFHWs formerly sold by Par Electronics.

Thanks again to all the participants and attendees! Now I’m off to listen for Christian and Pat who are activating W4C/WP-010 after the hamfest.

73, Bill W4ZV

In reply to W4ZV: Thanks for the presentation at the Hamfest. One of the guys at our CDXA Wednesday lunch told me about SOTA and after checking out the website I suggested to Bill, W4GRW, that there might be a fair amount of interest in it. I was expecting about a dozen people and was quite surprised at the turn out. Your team an excellent job, you answered about all of the questions I had but of course now there are many more. I’ve hiked all through the NC mountains and now I have another reason to go back to some of my favorites, just have to get some lighter power and antennas which I am already doing. Thanks again and catch you on the air,
73, -paul (AD4IE)