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Hi there,
since I wasn’t able to activate anything in quite a while for various reasons and I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms.

I decided to fix this with some kind of “binge activation”. I picked a few 10 point summits in the FL/VO region and will try to activate as many as possible on Oct 17 and 18. Since I don’t think I can plan this multiple activation well ahead in such a way that it won’t be a challenge for the automatic spotter, I will alert the first summit of the day, and then keep on spotting whenever I change QTH. I will keep on activating until it gets dark or until I decide I have been over-ambitious with my hiking plan :slight_smile: So I’ll be activating throughout the day.

Since I’ll spend the weekend with my family in the HB/NE region (including the S2S QSO party on saturday…), I might activate something on my way there on Friday as well.

73 de Jens

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I have lost track of how many times I have written this… just post one alert using a wildcard and time extension.

08:00 F/HB9EKO/P on FL/VO-??? 7-cw, 14-cw
S+10 Trying for many summits

The you will be spotted as F/HB9EKO/P FL/VO-??? so you will be asked the ref many times. the S+10 extends the window until 1800UTC. Post one alert for each day.

It could not be easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint, Andy. I didn’t consider that option, since I usually plan my activations with complete references to save myself from self-spotting when using CW. But for that type of multi-activation it’s clear that there are limitations…

Welcome to FL/VO, Jens and I hope to meet you ….Best regards.

Thanks, I had a great time activating 4 10-pointers today. Now I’m enjoying my dinner and am looking forward to the next 4-5 summits tomorrow. I think I will start with FL/VO-002 around 7 or 730 UTC, I’m on holiday after all :slight_smile: Will pick up more summits while making my way from there back towards Switzerland, until it gets dark.

I’m getting a bit optimistic for the VK/ZL qso party on the weekend. Although I only used my FT-817 with a ridiculous antenna (7m vertical with one radial). I managed 2 QSO’s with N4EX, so the condx can’t be that bad…

My binge activation is done. 10 summits/100 points in 2 days. Thanks a lot to everybody who chased me, especially on the last summit FL/VO-001, where it got very cold and windy around sunset, and I was close to packing up before I had my 4 QSO’s for the activation together.
73 Jens

Thanks for reporting. When i’ll come to F/VL, i’ll probably copy your trip!
So i know where “do we go next”!

73 Jens from Gerald F6HBI