SOTA Fever!

5th activation de S53X!
S5/BR-013, Velika Vremscica/1027m asl
Vremšcica gives me some kind of homesickness. There I had my first VHF contest in 1980. These were times, when YU3ABL from Sežana achieved first places in Yugoslavia and was first on 1GHz and 10GHz. After rainy week the sun was shining hard this day. It was shining and laughing to the cyclist with metric pipe on his back. But he didn’t give up. Stubborness urged him round macadam, led him to makred path, guided him over blooming meadows and helped him that still steepest ascent was defeated right under summit lightly. It’s good to be stubborn!
Most important action followed after arrival on summit. Enjoying magnificent views that washed sky offered on Nanos, on Postojna, Snežnik, Slavnik, Divaca, Sežana and Komen Kras, and shiny Tržaški zaliv. But it was promised that S5/BR-013 will be activated at 13:30 GMT and man must stick to timetable. Antenna was up quickly. Man made his comfort and he was already up.
We’re in! CQ SOTA S53X/p is heard. First pile-up is heard which lasts of good 15 minutes. Old acquaintances drop by, that you already recognize them by their way of typewritihg. When pile-up calms down QRX 10 is heard and it was digital pause turn. SOTA activation is must be also for descendants. And for XYL that she will see and know where her OM is.
Still few stations afford SOTA and LOG finishes with last entry s59zz. Delicacy followed then again. Seat on bike descended to bottom, pressures in inner tubes and crazy descent could start.

7 minute Video is now on Youtube SOTA - S5/BR-013 - YouTube or on my Blog here

SOTA Fever !

73s & CUAGN
Miloš S53X

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Hoi Milos,

Nice video !!!
If you want … places the video also on the sota video site.
Hope to work you on the next sota.
Becarefull during descending the summit.

73 Luc ON6DSL

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I know, I know, HI! In comming days all will be translate also in english.
Please turn back later!

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Zdravo Milos,

many tnx for the fb QSO and the nice video!
Your signal was very strong and I was happy to work
S53X/p as my 1st S5-SOTA-station.

Hvala lepo es vy73

S5/BR-030 Jastreb, 291m asl

Jastreb is the lowest SOTA in Slovenia which still doesn’t mean that it is accessible also most easily. It is not any easier than Škabrijel, St. Gora, or Sabotin. From altitude of 85 m in Brestovica you reach the top of SOTA in a good hour. Summit isn’t prominent, because between WWI in fights in 1914 and 1918 was fully dug up and it is hard to decide where is the most apropriate place to rise the antenna. Finaly you consent to stone moraines, that offers at least 10×20m hairless part of ground.
Static and sputtering shot near made it hard to accept whole callsign at least once.
This wasn’t cause, that many HAMs logged QSO from activation of new SOTA and made happy 32 CW Europeans.

video :

more info on Blog:

SOTA Fever!

S5/TK-031, Škabrijel


S5/CP-007 Kojca 23.6.2008

Steepness picked me too much energy and time, so, that very few video material were available .
It is which, it is it!
It was a very hard and hot day.
From 254m asl at the beginning, to 1303 m to goal on Kojca. With mtb and 20kg rucksack.
Video from CP-007: SOTA - S5/CP-007 - YouTube
and CP-007 fotogallery:

SOTA Fever continue.

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SOTA Fever continue.

There is no known cure! :wink:


It is not only fever!
I bleeding for SOTA! like Karel OK1HCG says in comment. HI!
Latest SOTA Video from BR-021 Veliko Gradisce SOTA - S5/BR-021 - YouTube

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Very nice video Milos… I think the only cure for mosquitoes is to eat “Marmite” on toast. Then they don’t come near you. Maybe we need to export it from the UK…

73 es keep bleeding SOTA :slight_smile: Marc G0AZS

Can you imagine coming on SOTA and not having place to erect antenna? And not because of too small place but because the state border is running above summit.
On Slovene side is only narrow 2m belt and than precipice. Interesting! I still succeeded to get antenna in S5 ( except for one anchors) but my ass (edit:OK, OK,backside, HI) was in IV3.
I swear, the station and el.key were in S5! HI !

More text, foto, and video can find in Blog:
also in eng. language

I am sorry to have to report that the use of horses, donkeys or other mules, to transport activators and/or equipment to the summit is contrary to the “person-powered ascent” rule in SOTA.


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Very droll Tom HI.

Mike G4BLH

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Congratulations, i’m fan !

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Pretty nice video and the blog as well. Congrats, Miloš and hope cu from the next summits!
73, Vrata OK1KT

Video camera is now repaired.
Here is short, 5 minut video from SOTA Activation on S5/BR-012.

And link to Photogallery of all activations:

In reply to S53X:
One word ------ BRAVO !

Milos you can visit me webpage and watch our QSO: F/CR-229 - Mont Puget
Just clicking on your callsign. Best wishes

Nice and fine surprise Roger. Congratulation for idea.
See you next time from incoming activations.

In reply to S53X:
I will contact you before my next SOTA expedition to make a movie together.
73 QRO - Roger

SOTA Fever continue.
This time from TK-021 St.Lawrence hill.
6 min of video:

and few minutes for photo:

TNX all for QSO’s.