SOTA F/PO-281-Pic du Baralet

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André f5ukl


Et au retour, as tu trempé les pieds dans l’eau fraiche de la cascade?
73 F6HBI

Kaixo André,
I enjoyed very much watching your video with those beautiful landscapes of mountains and valleys and also listening to the final song. I found particularly interesting how different it was the singer’s pronunciation of the French language. The phonetics sounded to me similar to those of the Catalan language, which is quite logical because you were very close to the Spanish border (Huesca province) and the Catalonya region is next to Huesca towards the East.
The very last mountain you showed in your video was Bisaurin and that’s the highest mountain I’ve ever climbed. I did it many years ago, much before the foundation of the SOTA program and I climbed it when it was full of snow and ice without any crampons, ice axe or anything appropiate. I think I was in my early 20’s and I’m sure I would’t do it like that in these days…
This is how we see it from our side of the Pyrenees:

Thanks for sharing.
Laster arte, VY 73,


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Gabon Guru

I’m really sorry if I was late to answers but I was busy. I spent 3 weeks near pau and now I’m back near Dax (landes).

Thanks a lot for your kind words, the pleasure to share. I was never on Bisaurin, that’s a pity because close of the border. It is dangerous to hike on the snow, on high summits, without crampon and ice axe. You were lucky.

About the language of the singer, it is the patois of this area. It is an old song. I always try to find a music that adapts well to videos.

We’ll, thanks for your following and always a pleasure to meet you.

Gero arte