SOTA F/PO-266 by F8DZY/P

Hi all,
Just back from “La Pointe de Mandale” at the Franco-Spanish border where the activation was a great success for me with 66 QSOs ! (new personal best score)
Good propagation on 30M and 40M but QRM.

WX was sunny but very cold wind at the summit, it was hard to key ! HI
A nice young “Pottok” stayed with me all the time, I beieve he was interested in SOTA :wink: (will appear on video)
Now back at home, I will make the video next week and add the link here as usually…
Log is uploaded.
Many thanks to everybody, CU on next new SOTA.
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

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Great stuff Chris, congrats on your new personal best ant thanks for QSO. Looking forward to the video.

Vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

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Many thanks for the activation Chris - I have just come back to CW after over 25 years so thanks for my first ever 10 Mhz QSO ! - also for the 7mhz SSB one as well

73 de Graham G3OHC

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It was a pleasure to have a SOTA QSO, as usual Chris.

It was also great to find such good propagation on 30m.

Many thanks for using this excellent band.


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Yes Roy, very worthy of note, 30m is such a magnificant band for Sota (or otherwise) being very quiet most of the time and usually good propagation between EU and the UK.
I would encourage more OPS to start using 30m after their 40m activations, especially on contest days.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Hi Chris !

Encore une belle activation.
Merci pour les QSO CW et…SSB !!!
J’ai hâte de voir le Pottok… était-il sensible aux points et aux traits ??

A bientôt sur un nouveau sommet.
73 QRO

Glad to work you, Chris on 30m CW. You also sounded great on 40



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Thanks for the QSO on 30m CW. I took an extended lunchbreak just to be able to catch you!

In reply to all:
Many thanks for all your comments, they make me happy and encourage me to activate others NEW SOTAs…
Photos are already online on SOTA France (tnx F6CEL) at :

The sames with legends on Flickr :
F8DZY v2.0 QSL (front)

Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

Hi all, here’s the link of the video…
Good watch ! :wink:

Chris F8DZY.

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Toujours aussi agréable à regarder et écouter.

73 QRO

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Nice as usual!