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SOTA F/PO-246 - Soum de Cams

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA F/PO-246 - Soum de Cams is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Hi Andre,
mni tks for this nice video.
Last year in june i was on the way between Figeac an Pamplona(GR 65, St Jaques).
So i have an idea whats happend in this area. The nice song is a basque song is’nt it?

Thank you an i hope to meet you on s2s.
Paul DL 6FBK

Hello Paul
Thanks a lot for your message.
I know very well this area south of St Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles. There are a lot of SOTA on each side of the GR65. The Basque Country is beautiful. And, yes, it is a Basque song in the video.
Best 73 and I hope that we’ll meet one on a s2s.
Andre f5ukl

Bonjour André.
Thanks for the views with excellent quality to the Basque country and thank you for the QSO!
PIC d ’ Escurets - F/PO-177: I think, you have activated the Summit in 2010 together with Jean-Pierre - VA2SG, isn’t it, hi?
Et j’aime aussi les chansons de Basque dans tes vidéos!
73 QRO de Manfred DL9MDI

Hello Manfred
Merci pour le message.
You are right, I was on F/PO-177 with Jean Pierre VA2SG. This summit is well known by the hikers and is between Ossau valley and Aspe valley. And as I wrote befaore, the Basque Country is beaurtiful and people are very cute.
Thanks again for your call on F/PO-246. I hope that we’ll meet soon again.
Best 73