SOTA F/PO-234 - Chapelle St Antoine

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA F/PO-234 - Chapelle St Antoine

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Hello André,
Thank you for sharing -one more time- these nice lansdcapes.
I couldn’t be QRV during this activation.
I’m currently preparing the boxes to have the KX1 and all stuff safe in the backpack .
My First activation may occur during coming weeks (if my back let me go hiking).I’ll post an alert on reflector anyway.
Vy 73

Hello Laurent
Thanks a lot for your post. I hope that you’ll have a nice weather for your hike. Snow is falling up 1200m asl.
I’ll look at alerts on sotawatch and I hope that we’ll meet on the air.
Best 73
André f5ukl