Sota f/po-231

Hello SOTA friends

The video from last SOTA F/PO-231 is online at :

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl

Log is on eQsl and LOTW.
If you need a paper QSL, let me know via email.

In reply to F5UKL:
Another cracking video Andre, I see you chose a bigger antenna this time. Lot of stations worked with a few watts, I have yet to work you on CW. Sean M0GIA

In reply to M0GIA:
Hello Sean
Thanks for comments.
I use dipole if the way to summit don’t takes a long time to walk. Rucksack is heavy and after 3 or 4 hours walk, I have pain on my shoulders. Dipole is about 2.5 Kg and vertical only 600g. But vertical is less perform than dipole. The most important is to work 4 qso :-).
Best 73 and see you.
Andre - f5ukl