Sota f/po-199

Hello SOTA friends

The video from last SOTA SOTA F/PO-199 is online at :

Best 73
Andre – f5ukl

In reply to Andre F5UKL:Nice video.

In reply to LA1KHA:
Hello Eirik
Thanks for comment.
I hope we’ll meet one day.
André - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

Hello Andre,

very nice and interesting video - like all the other videos from your sota trips. I enjoy your videos, my wife too. We are waiting for your next video, hoping the weather will be better soon.

It’s a terrible pity that I have to go for work, when you are on summit. I’d like to read my callsign at the end of some of your videos too…

Best 73


In reply to DL5JAG:
Hello Ron
Thanks a lot for your kind message and very glad that you enjoy the video.
I try to be as natural as possible and I like very much show how beautiful is this area.
I don’t like very much go to summit during week-end because of contest and hickers. Often the place is narrow on summit and difficult to erect antenna when It is crowdy. But sometimes I did It.
I hope we’ll meet one day.
All my best 73 to you and yours.

Andre - f5ukl