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SOTA F/PO-183 - Pic Errozate

Hello SOTA friends

The video of SOTA F/PO-183 - Pic Errozate is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl


Thanks for the video, Andre.
Great to work you on 30m. For me also, very few EU contacts on this band. Hope for more!
Cheers, Gerard - VK2IO

Hi André, congrats for the DX on 10Mhz. You have been more Lucky than me; i had to go back on the way to F/AM-148 because of the snow falls and a strong Wind. Thanks for the video. 73/44 Gerald

@ Gerard- Thanks for the message and thanks again for your call. I was really surprised to hear you so strong on 30m. Propagation was good at that time, I’m lucky. I hope that we’ll meet agin soon. Best 73

@Gerald- Thanks for the message. I’m sorry that you have to cancel the SOTA. Winter is coming slowly but surely. No snow yet, here but the temp is lower everyday. Best 73 and i hope that we’ll meet again soon

Andre f5ukl