Sota F/PO-002 Marlboré 3248 m

We approach the central Pyrenees, did not accompany the foggy weather and we put on crampons to 2860 mtrs. and Piole to our security pudiomos only be fifteen minutes in the top, thanks to Iñaki EB2GKK / P with the jack EA2/NV-050
 I ceded the frequency for me, I am very grateful and I leave the link of QSOs and two other videos from the previous day to the shelter I hope you like it, good fellow mountain.

Daniel 73

In reply to EA3HP:
Holà Daniel
Congratulation for the activity on F/PO-002.
The wx was not nice.
Best 73 and see you again.

Andre - f5ukl

In reply to F5UKL:

Merci Becau Andre, I remembered you on top expecting to find in the frequency
maybe next time, next week go back to the Pyrenees this announced in Sota

A vien tot Andre