SOTA F/PE-192 - Puig Cabres

The SOTA F/PE-192 - Puig Cabres is on

Best 73
André f5ukl

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Thanks for the nice video - and taking the time to add the subtitles. The scenery around you was awesome to see. I also enjoyed how you cut in the CW callsigns of the stations worked. I closed my eyes and copied them and then checked to see if I got it correct. I won’t say I got them all right…but I got good practice!

Thanks again,

73 de KB3ILS

Hello Tom
Thank you for the message. I’ve been putting videos online for years. Often on the summit, there is wind and it is difficult to decode the weak signals exactly. The audio recording allows me, back, to confirm the calls.
As for landscapes, the Pyrenees offer a multitude of different landscapes between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This allows everyone to discover a small part of the natural scenery that surround me.
Thank you for your attention and good training cw.
Best 73

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