SOTA F/PE-145-Le Puech

Hello SOTA friends

SOTA F/PE-145-Le Puech

Best 73 and Happy New Year 2019

Andre – f5ukl


Hi Andre
Great video well done.

Hello André,
Thanks for the last QSO of the year 2018.
Let’s go Sota in 2019.
Best wishes and many S2S.
Gerald F6HBI

Hi Paul
Thanks a lot for the message and comment.
The pleasure to share.
Best 73.

Hi Gérald
Thanks to you and Catalin for the call on New Years eve.
I hope that we’ll meet again in the year 2019 and following
Best wishes and I hope that you can reach 3000 point activator.
Best 73

Hi André,
Thanks for another nice video.
I loved the soundtrack. It reminded me the Celtic music.
When looking at your bulky backpacks, I couldn’t help thinking in our minimalist SOTA friends and how amazed they will surely feel seeing you and your friends hike with such big and probably heavy rucksacks.
Well done the whole team!
73 et mes meilleurs voeux et bonne SOTA pour l’année 2019.


Bonjour Andre.
Thank you for your 1st SOTA video in 2019!
All the best in the New Year to you and the 11m team!
73 de Fred –DL9MDI

Hi Guru
Thank you for the message and nice comments.
Yes, our backpacks were well heavy. We had our beds and food plus a few bottles. It was especially Rudy who was in charge because Bea could not carry her bag too heavy. But as we walked slowly, we all arrived at the hut. It’s always like that for a bivouac
73 et meilleurs voeux également pour cette nouvelle année 2019. Une bonne santé et beaucoup de sota

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Good evening fred
Thank you for the message and nice words.
I wish a very good health and a lot of sota.
To the pleasure of listening you in the year 2019.
Best 73