SOTA F/PE-098 - Pic de Tarbesou

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA F/PE-098 - Pic de Tarbesou is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl

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Hi Andre, nice activation clip. Would you be able to share some details about your antenna setup?

Thanks & Greetings, Gert ON4GS


Again fine to see these video’s ,and at the end the music of the Byrds,that’s was my first favorite bands when i was a littlebit younger…Andre.(1964.,i was 16 yrs.)


Hello Gert
Thanks for your message.
The antenna is the ATX1080. When I change of bands, I have to modify the lenght of the telecopic wip and the radial. I setup the lenght at home with MFJ259.
Best 73

Hello Walter
Thanks for your message.
I’m born in january 1946 and the music of the 60’s and later also accompanied my youth.
Best 73 and I hope to hear you tomorrow.