Sota F/AM-360

Hello all,
Anybody knows why?
Today while i was on 10.122 having a nice pile-up, an “OM” kept saying in french
something like “piss off”.
Was i making Qrm to him? i asked qrl twice before starting cq.
As on summit the weather was bad, with cold temps and rain, i decided not to carry on and went qrt.
I hope i have given this summit to all chasers; if someone missed this one, i will go back again.
Gerald F6HBI

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for your activation on F/AM-360. You did a great job! There where a lot of chasers!!! Perhaps a loser was disappointed not working you!!
Tks for working me!

73, Sake

Hello Sake, yes it was nice to ear a lot of friends.
Conditions on 30m were good every stations making my S/meter going full to the right.
It was a bit difficult to manage because few OM keep giving their call while on qso.
Chasers should come on summit to understand that RX conditions are very good
in the middle of no man land, and giving only one call is enough to be heard.
Anyway this is always a pleasure for me when i can contact a lot of chasers.
I upload somme picture of the journey here:
Best 73 Gerald F6HBI


Thank you Gerald for the nice activation even if there was not condx for me…maybe next time. Don’t worry abt qrmer all bands are planty of jelous frequency’s owners.
Great pictures.
73 de IK2YRA Carlos