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SOTA expedition to Sicily

On 15th June i intend to activate Mt. Pizzo Carbonara
I/IS-302. According to the database it should be 1st.
activation of this summit. ETA is 1030 UTC, the estimation
is rough and based on maps and some hiking reports.
Please check www.APRS.fi - look for OK1DIG-9 to see
my position. I will be QRV on 14.058, 10.120, and 7.032
in cw amd also 145.500 in fm for local contacts.
The rig is Elecraft KX1 ( 3W ) with buddipole vertical.
Please look for my QRP sigs, 20m will be prefered due
to the distance to the most actiove regions.

Hope to work you all …

73’s Dan / OK1DIG

In reply to OK1DIG:
Dano,ahoj,ja ta budem urcite pozerat.Dufam,ze nam das sancu aby sme ta spravili.Ked ides z OK na 30 m nemame sancu ta robit.Ai ijny (OK1DVM,…atd) kdyz robia na 10 a 14 nedaju sa spravit.
Dakujem za spravene SOTA co si nam umoznil.Peknu dovolenu.
73 Stevo OM7DX

In reply to OM7DX:
Ahoj Stevo,
jsem na miste asi 30 km od summitu, zitra rano
v cca v 5:30 zacne vystup.
73 a nsl Dan IT9/OK1DIG/P

In reply to OK1DIG:
I am accomodated about 30km N from the summit.
The ascend begins tomorrow morning at about
05:30 UTC. APRS works here, so follow me :slight_smile:

73 and cu tomorrow

In reply to OK1DIG:
Todys activation is cancelled due to bad wx
( rain and thunderstorms ).
The forecast for tommorow is more favourable
I will try again same tame and frequencies.

73’s Dan IT9/OK1dig

In reply to OK1DIG:
Signali boli z IT9 perfekt.TNX za novy summit Dano.73 Stevo OM7DX