SOTA European Tour 2024

Hi All we are off to Europe again in a few weeks and looking for ideas for summits around north of Italy and Switzerland. We will be in the motor home 8.3M long so nothing that can get me stuck :slight_smile:
I have been looking at HB/BE-048 Schilthorn. I am looking at parking for the day in or around Lauterbrunnen and can see in Murren there is a cable car or train that can get you to the summit?
Any help or suggestions please.
Once we have been in Switzerland for a few days we will head to the north part of Italy.

We will also activate France, Germany and at least Austria if we can.

Thanks in advance


Hello Paul,

Schilthorn is a classic cable car summit. You can park your motorhome in Stechelberg and take the cable car from there. Note that there is construction work going on at the moment, and the summit has a reputation for being unfriendly to hams.

If you are mostly looking for summits that you can get to with cable cars, we have a list on our HB9SOTA web site: Swiss Cable Car Summits – HB9SOTA

Otherwise, if you want to hike, then it would be good if you could give us an idea of how much of a hike you’re looking for (ascent, distance, time, difficulty level etc.) and in which regions of Switzerland :smile:

73, Manuel HB9DQM


Hi Paul,

Yes, a good choice. I activated Blofelds mountain hideout, the Schilthorn 10 years ago and the cable car certainly helps; 87 SOTA activators can’t be wrong! Very busy up there so an early start is a good idea, but you may not meet Mr Bond (George Lazenby this time) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

You can buy an inclusive train ticket from Interlaken saving you the drive up the valley in your 8.3m motorhome?



Hi Manuel
My health and fitness is not great at the moment so nothing more that a few hundred meters walking and nothing too steep to walk. We can spend as long as we like in Switzerland so time is not an issue really. We are leaving the UK on 18th July and probably in or near Switzerland around the 21st or 22nd for a few days.


OK, in that case you’re probably best served by the cable car summits from the list that I’ve linked.

There are also some drive-up summits in Switzerland, but those are usually low-land summits (hot in July), and more often than not the roads that lead to those summits are too narrow for a motorhome.

Have a safe journey!