Sota European Tour 2023

Hi All
it has been a while since my last post, I am going to Europe from this weekend for 2 weeks. I am going with my wife (Michelle) and taking our motorhome. I am looking at maybe 15 summits in all, I will list the summits that I am looking at and if any local information about routes etc please let me know.

We go via the Euro tunnel and arrive in France about 8 am France time. My first summit will be probably 9:30 am (FL/NO-133), Then travel down to (FL/NO-058). To end the first day we will be at (NO/NO-006).
Day 2 only one summit (FL/VO-001).
Day 3 (DM/BW-067), (DM/BW-009) & (DM/BW-001)
Day 4 (DM/BW-003) & (DM/BW-018)
Then a few days rest maybe hi hi, then over the next few days I am looking at (DM/BW-853, DM/BW-046, DM/BW-228, DM/BW-008, DM/BW-193 & DM/BW-156). We are also looking at Austria and Switzerland so any ideas of easy drive up summits would be great for around that area.
My motorhome is 8.3M long so nothing too hard please as this is how we will be travelling around.

I am taking my trusty Yaesu 817 and my Xiegu X6100. All operations will be made with dipole or EFHW both have multiple bands and have never let me down before. I used to live in Germany during service with the British Forces for 7 years (1984-1991) and have traveled back 4 or 5 times since. Last visit was 2019.

I hope to get a few of you in my log.



Good luck with your SOTA Tour. Enjoy it.

73 - Tonnie - PA9CW


Don’t forget to buy your Motorway Vignettes!


Hi Paul,
check my blog:

On the right side is a (long) list of all summits that I have described on my blog, including several that you mentioned.

For starters, on FL/NO-133, you probably better leave your motorhome on the “Place du Général Vandamme”, and walk the last 100 m. The road to the summit is rather narrow.

If you have the time, FL/NO-144 is just some 15 km away from FL/NO-133 and also a drive up. Very easy to do those two on the same day.

Have a safe trip and enjoy !


In Switzerland, there are a few drive-ins, , e.g. HB/JU-001 , HB/FR-036 , HB/SO-019 , HB/TG-007 , HB/TG-010 .
You also might want to check out our cable car summits:

Hope to hear from you on a Swiss summit.
73 Jens HB9EKO


Hi Paul,

I just came back from a trip to the DM/BW-area.

If you activate FL/VO-001 you could easily add FL/VO-078, Le Storkenkopf. (and I would need VO-078 for a complete :wink:). If you park at the saddle in between these two you can ascend both summits from the same parking lot.

If you could be a bit more specific where in Austria you want to go I could certainly recommend some summits accesible with your 8.3m motorhome!

73 Heinz


Hi Heinz
thank you for your suggestion I have just looked and yes that looks a great idea. We are planning on staying around lake Bodensee for a few days but was thinking of heading down into Austria so anyhting close to that area would be good.


I hope that you will have a great Holiday together with your wife Michell. Also hope that the weather is good for your activations Paul. It will be great if I can make it into your log.
Best wishes to You Both. 73, de Paul M0CQE.

Hi Luc
thank you for your reply, I managed to activate FL/NO-144 in 2019 on my last tour, I am on around 80 uniques so trying a few new summits. On my last tour I read alot of yours and G4OBK Phils blogs and they both helped me alot thank you. This IS my blog of FL/NO-144 M0PLA/P SOTA Activations: SOTA European Tour 2019 Day 1.
I hope to maybe speak with you during my tour.


Hi Paul
thank you for your reply and hope to get you in my log.


Hi Jens
thank you for the tips I will try and make at least one of these summits.


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