SOTA espana

Don’t remember seeing any mention of this on here though
no doubt the chasers know all about it.

Link courtesy of Trevor M5AKA



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It’s not been running that long Rick.



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Hi Rick,

Over the weekend of 7th 8th August EE1URO/P activated EA1/OU-003 on several bands. I heard Marcos calling CQ SOTA on 40m SSB with a fantastic signal into the UK at around 0025z on the 7th, but there were not many people going back to him, despite being spotted. For the first 15 minutes or so I think only me & G6ODU had worked him, so I spotted him on the DX cluster which fortunately brought in a few more callers & he qualified the summit soon after.

Maybe it was a little bit late at night though :wink:

I look forward to working many more EA summits soon.

Mark G0VOF

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Yes, I missed him! :-((

I suspect Spain will be like the USA, once SOTA begins it spreads like wildfire!


Brian G8ADD