Sota eco - The 9th eco-friendly activation today

For the last 7 days I have finally achieved my long announced goal. Together with Uwe, DK8OA we reached 3 summits exclusively with public transport and of course on foot.

We went by train, bus and today also by call bus to climb the Hammersteinshöhe, the Schalke with Lennart, DD0LT and today the Bröhn.

The travel times and hikes were each 1-2 times as long, but that was ok. Tomorrow I will also reach the Griesberg and on Monday with Uwe the Grasberg.

The car stays at home! I’m very happy to have this eco-friendly opportunity here. I know that’s not often the case.

73 and Happy Sota Eco


I too am very happy you are making these more eco-friendly activations as it allows me to drive my car for my SOTA activations. A joint win.


The head is round so that thought can change direction. (Francis Picabia)


I thought that you were about to get your senior citizens bus pass. Probably worthwhile in Scotland, but much less useful in England as far as SOTA is concerned. :hushed:


I keep forgetting to get one Gerald… I’ve been entitled to one for 9 months now!

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Today I was on the Grasberg DM/NS-107 by train and bus. 320 meters of climb instead of 80 if I would take the car. Common for many of you activators, but I felt the difference.

I was very happy that Stephan HB9EAJ asked me in S2S if I would activate again without a car.

On Monday it’s Griesberg’s turn, today the train there was canceled.

Overall, there were almost always delays, again today. The rail lines in regional traffic in northern Germany are in poor condition. Instead, the money was put into streets for private transport.

73 Chris


Very laudable. :clap:

Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished:

      73 Matt
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Is it still eco-friendly if you first fly across the ocean before taking the train to the trailhead?

Probably not Jeff, however if you were to sail across the occean it most certainly wouild be.

Best freebie I ever received from any Government - can travel all over GM and into G as far as Carlisle or Berwick on Tweed.
This, of course, recognises that both places should still be in GM :smiling_imp:


Today I had my 5th summit without a car on DM/NS-161.

The conditions were pretty bad and I had a lot of qrn due to the threatening storm.

As a thank you from the weather gods, the rain only came at the end of the descent. I enjoyed every drop.

73 Chris


Did we make the S2S? My antenna was pointing east-west so not ideal for our QSO.
40m was all over the place, lots of QRN in the afternoon but also some good contacts.

It rained before my activation(s) but then it was hot again = humid = lots of biting insects!!

Yes, we did it, Pete. Many thanks. The conditions were very moderate, I only heard many of the well-known chasers quietly. And instead of the 60-100 S2S points, I only managed 30.

It was certainly not the direction of your antenna.
Little is known. But a dipole or EFHW 4-8m above ground is omnidirectional and has no preferred direction on 40m band.
73 Chris


Today Uwe, DK8OA and I were once again a double pack on the 8 point Schalke DM/NS-008. No one should say that as an eco activist you cannot distribute points.

But it was very hot up there and many curious hikers stopped us from submitting a spot.

There were a lot of nice S2S contacts for that, thanks. I’m curious when the first S2S eco will take place.

73 Chris


I’m pretty sure this has happened on several occasions in the past, with people walking/biking their way from front-door to summit and back (it does happen) - it’s just the participants probably didn’t feel the need to draw attention to themselves by claiming special “eco” status.


Rob, as you write your lines I was in touch with Paul, DL6FBK. He had taken the train and bike to his 3 summits, i.e. triple Sota eco.
Maybe not worth mentioning, but a great pleasure for me. Let’s keep going on.
73 Chris

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My one regret when living in Fischbachau/Aurach in Bavaria some fifteen years ago is that I had no amateur radio license at that time, since I had a dozen or more SOTA summits (4, 6, 8-pointers) within easy walking distance of my front door, and I was very fit back then. Nonetheless, I still do have a 1-pointer within easy walking distance of my present address - but such bad problems with my back that I now have to drive to within 1/2km of the summit :frowning: How times change…

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I’m sorry you have problems with your back. I am so glad that you are still active.
I remember common qsos because your call used to be my favorite: C for Chris and M for my last name.
I look forward to our next S2S,
73 Chris

Despite the back problems I’ve still managed to do some more strenuous (for me!) 6- or 8-hours activations of local 2- and 4-pointers recently (not drive-ups!) - it’s all dependent on my getting the right medication (and being very careful that each single bodily movement doesn’t put the back out), but it looks like the meds will soon be denied me (darned over-protective doctors!), so I’ll then just become a couch potato… I’ll listen out for your call while I still can…

Cheers, Rob


That went faster than expected. Today I reached the “Eilumer Horn” DM/NS-165 by train and bus.

We had very strong qrn in Central Europe. But my first S2S eco with Paul, DL6FBK. He told me it would have worked out well with the train and bike and it was a lot of fun for him.
Happy sota eco!
73 Chris