Sota ea4/md-008

Hi all,

Tomorrow we will try to activate the first EA4 SOTA summit: EA4/MD-008 El Nevero, a 2209 meters asl summit, worth 10 points.

We will be QRV on 7032, 10118, 14058 and probably 28058 CW ±2Khz. Also SSB if time permits.

Please look for us, we are starting the EA4 SOTA section !!!
Callsign will be EA4TX/P


In reply to EA4MZ:

Good luck and safe descent!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Many thanks Brian, in the name of the team:

This summit is also valid for the Spanish Geodetical Points Award as VGM-163, so we are intending to be on SSB in 40 meters in the morning, simultaneously to CW on 20/30 and later probably we will try CW on 30 and SSB on 20 as time permits.

There will be two stations in operation simultaneously.


In reply to EA4MZ:

Pablo, EA4TX/P, Thank you for my first contact with an EA Summit. Thank you also to the other station that helped by alerting you to my call and confirming that the contact under high QRM at this end was valid. Thank you also to all the team that made the contact possible. Congratulations on the first EA4 summit activated.

73 Tony G8BVJ
Buckden, West Cambridgeshire, 100 km north of London

In reply to G8BVJ:

Yes Tony the contact was valid indeed, I was operating the 40meters station when you contacted us, so you spoke actually with Moises EA4MZ.
Our rig: FT-817 5W and EndfedZ EF-40 antenna.

Many thanks for calling us, and I hope to contact you again from another EA4 summit very soon.

73 from Moises EA4MZ and all the EA4TX/P team.

In reply to EA4MZ:

Thanks for the QSO. I looked at the wiki

since the coordinates are not exactly correct on the SOTA web page yet.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL


I enclose a link with our comments and stadistics of the activation.

I’m sorry if it’s only available in spanish:

Thanks for call us and see you from next summit!

73’s Pablo - EA4TX