SOTA EA2/NV-065 - Azalegi

Hello SOTA friends

The video of the SOTA EA2/NV-065 - Azalegi is online

Best 73

Andre – f5ukl



Tnx for the QSO and points. Nice to see and here my call from your end off the radio. Goodluck es cuagn.

73, PA9CW, Tonnie

Hello Tonnie
Thanks for all the qso on my activities.
I hope that we’ll meet again soon.
Best 73

Bonjour Andre.
Thanks for the great report from the activation of the windy “Azalegi” in EA2!
Meilleur 73 de Manfred – DL9MDI

Hello Manfred
Thanks for the message and I was glad to hear you again on F/PO-235.
Best 73
André f5ukl