SOTA EA VHF FM 2024 Multi activation event

This is the announcement of the 6th edition of the Multi SOTA activation in VHF FM.

The event will be held in saturday June the 8th 2024.

As for the previous events the idea is simple, try to activate SOTA from as many simultaneous summits as possible running VHF FM and enhance S2S and long distance qso with chasers.

Details on how to participate in the website (in spanish)

The frequencies are previously assigned and announced in the website to facilitate the multi operation without disturbing between us.
Alerts and Spots will be placed in Sotawatch as well.

Let me invite all surrounding countries to participate. We succesfully had QSO with CT, EA8, F, IS and I in these past events.

73 de Ignacio


Hi Ignacio,
Good initiative. If the weather allows it we will try to do an activity with the radio club, hoping to contact a maximum of activators.
73, Chris F4WBN


Hi Chris,
Great news to hear you’d like to try chasing us from a portable location (could we expect to see you in a SOTA in the future, hi?)

Hope you’ll be able to hear some of us!

If weather looks very bad we could change the date, and I would update the info here.


Will any activators be doing FT8? (or FT4)
I remember working some /P EA stations from home last year on FT8 when there was some enhanced propagation.

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Hi Pete,
The idea is to work FM to attract chasers with simple equipment at home thus making some publicity and promote SOTA

Sure any digital mode would allow some DX but so far we won’t use it in this multi-activator plan.
In the past we were very busy logging chasers, plus lots of VHF S2S, some at large distances, while rotating the yagi at hand. We miss time and more hands at some moments!

Anyway I’ll ask if any activator is prepared for that mode, maybe he could try that as well, at the start or end of this event…
Cheers, 73


Hi Ignacio!!

I will try to participate in this edition of the VHF event!!

Thank you very much for organizing it!!

BEST 73!!



We are one week ahead of this event. So far there are 38 activations (refs.) booked.
We are just hoping the weather will be just fine for June the 8th.

Summary of activators and the scheduled summit map here

73 Ignacio


Hola EA2BD que tal estás ? Muy buena iniciativa colega yo trabajo los sábados en decathlon así que si puedo unirme o contactar lo haré muchísimas gracias por la información :information_source: aún recuerdo la primera vez experimental SOTA EA2/NV166 con la moxon monobanda 20 m made Home hace cerca de 15 years a go … regards to teacher also Family ea2ws & Ea2bv twins Brothers 44 to all cult arounD the worlD 73

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We have decided to postpone the event, as the weather forecast is not safe for June the 8th: thunderstorms and rain in several EA places.

We cannot put on risk our team, a pity as there were already 40 summits booked for this event.
A new date will be announced soon here.

Safety first!
73 Ignacio


This is to announce the new date for this event: 22 June 2024.

We are arranging the updated list of participants and their summits.
They will be published here soon.

73 Ignacio