SOTA DXpedition to Costa Rica

I am currently in the planning phase for a SOTA DXpedition to Costa Rica in the first week of January 2021 (3rd to the 9th)! Scott @N0OI will be joining the expedition. Flights have been purchased and the following tentative schedule was created:

Day 1:
Volcan Irazu TI/CA-001
Alto Andias TI/CA-009

Day 2:
Cerro Frio TI/SJ-002
Alto Indio TI/SJ-003
(No Name) TI/CA-004

Day 3:
Cerros De La Carpintera TI/CA-016
Loma Salitral TI/SJ-029

Day 4:
Cerro Espiritu Santo TI/AL-019
Cerro Hornos TI/AL-020
Cerro Pata De Caballo TI/AL-016

Day 5:
Cerro Candelarita TI/SJ-046
Alto Cerbatana TI/SJ-039
Cerro Barbacoas TI/SJ-037

Day 6:
Alto La escalera TI/SJ-032
Cerro Cedral TI/SJ-006

We will be using our club callsign AB3G with the appropriate TI/ prefix modifier to match the province of each activation. We have been in contact with TI2YO who has been incredibly helpful. We also plan on meeting up with members of the Radio Club de Costa Rica - TI0RC which should be a great experience. Our equipment will be limited to 100w and a wire dipole at each location. We are pretty excited to participate in SOTA in Central America and will be creating special event QSL cards for the occasion, and will make confirmations via LoTW and ClubLog. We hope not only to collect activator points, but also to make as many QSOs as possible.

If anyone has any input or has operated in Costa Rica recently, any input or recommendations would be appreciated. If not I’ll probably post an update about a month out, and then everyone should see spots via my Garmin Inreach on SOTA Watch come the first week of January. Thanks in advance for any advice or input & 73!