SOTA DX Cluster Down?

I use the SOTA DX Cluster with the following address in my logging software:

For the past couple of days I haven’t been able to connect to it. Does anyone have any information?

Ron, KI4TN

Not sure who runs that site - I don’t think it’s an official site.

In any case the site is down as reported here down? Current problems and status.

In fact the hosting provider is completely down.

The SOTA Spot Monitor software from KU6J appears to get “tweets” generated from the official site or directly from there ( via RSS - perhaps this could be an alternative until elgur is back?

No it’s up but the free dynamic DNS is fritzed in some way.

Try the alternative dyndns name: 7300

Given that it’s provided free of charge I shall mention the alternative DNS service is provided by as they request a plug in exchange for free service. Fine by me.

Thanks, Andy. The alternate dyndns name worked. I shall add it to my list.

Thanks, Ron

I’d forgotten about it as dtdns has worked for so long. I’d had to dig through email archives to find it and how to reactivate the account.

crabdance isn’t working now either