SOTA-DL on 'Amateurfunktagung Munich'

Hi all,

the 2008 Munich Amateur-Radio-Conference took place on 8th/9th March.
(, about 650 visitors).

There we presented SOTA to the public.

The supporters on the booth were: DD1LD, DG6TOM, DM2AXL, DJ5KZ, DL2DVE.

Beside a tent and rucksack as eye-catchers we placed typical antennas (verticals) and mountain-radio-equipment (IC706, FT857, FT817, KX1, Norcal40) with accessories (Batteries, Antenna Tuners, Mechanical concepts).

Presentations of some recent SOTA-tours were running on a large screen.

The main questions of the visitors were:

Is my Main-Summit / Contest-Summit in the list ?
we checked the handbbok: could be mostly answered ‘YES’

Does SOTA need special occasions or can it be operated any time ?

Can I do SOTA even with a 2m-FM-Handheld ?
‘YES of course’

Which are the SOTA-Frequencies in this association ?
→ QRP-Frequencies on shortwave, 145.525 for FM.

All the 50 Flyers, the 25 CD’s with informations
(thanks to SOTA-DM for the support!)
and the printouts of descriptions of SOTA-Stations and Antennas found their way to interested hams.

Active hikers were encouraged to take the TRX on the next tour.

We hope to have further spread the spirit of mountain-amateur-radio.

You can find some photos under

Depending on the future attractiveness of SOTA in the Alps we may repeat this on the 2010 Munich Amateur-Radio-Conference.

73 andy DL2DVE