SOTA Demonstration

The Powys Amateur Radio Club (PARC) is holding a garden party on 4th August at the QTH of Bill, G4JUW. Locator IO82LS, WAB square SJ31 Shropshire. Weather permitting, I will be demonstating an hf SOTA station and, although at only 69M ASL it is not a summit, I would appreciate a few QSOs. I will self-spot with an entirely fictional summit reference.

Thanks in advance

Dave, G6DTN

In reply to M0DFA:

I suspect the system will reject a fictional reference! Hope the demo goes well.



In reply to M0DFA:

Dave, you have to give a real reference number. Use GM/WS-001 and put a note in the comment that it’s a demo.


In reply to G3CWI and MM0FMF:
Thanks for your comments. I’ll do as suggested, but I suspect some of the PARC members wouldn’t get very far up it!

I know there is plenty of other work that needs doing, but would it be possible to set up a ‘dummy’ summit reference for demos, testing mobile spot/alert programmes etc?

Regards, Dave, G6DTN