SOTA DB on Android

Does anyone tried and success to watch/ update the SOTA Database /Chaser log on Android?
Im trying to access my log on android ( latest version) but the category even not opened.
Is there any blocking on android?
Eyran 4X4-2238

I found it a bit fiddly to do on my Android phone, but it was possible.

Yes,it works, but you have to push the database menue item for 1-2 sec.
73 Chris

It still does’nt work , need to check on tablet too…
Tnx for hints

It works for me on Android 6 with the standard browser but not with Firefox.

  1. press and hold menu title until menu is drawn and a selector box (in white for me) appears with options such as “Open”, “Open in new tab”, “Save link”, “Copy link URL”.
  2. tap outside of the white selector box, it will disappear and the menu items are now visible.
  3. tap the menu item you want.

It requires practice but does work.

Thanks Andy
I have downloaded again the standard browser
And it works perfect !