SOTA Database Query

I was wondering if there was a way to find out from the SOTA database how many summits in a given region or country were activated on a particular day ?
E.G 3 activations in GM/SS on 8th Feb 2023.
or 6 activations in GM on 6th Feb 2023.
Just idle curiosity really.

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Yes and no.

Use Summits>Recently Activated Summits and you see the last 50 activations logged. But if there were more than 50 the display will be incomplete.

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Another way to get an approximate count would be to view the top chaser’s logs in SOTAData near the area of interest and use the ‘download complete log’. If you were to get say 4 or 5 of the top chasers logs into a spreadsheet you should get a pretty good idea of how many activations there were in a specific day. You might miss some of the VHF-only activations where the op just worked 4 rando/non-SOTA folks and bailed…

Thanks for the pointers.
I was just curious to see if I was the only one daft enough to go up a hill in Scotland today and it looks like I was.
It was my third choice having been blown off my feet on the way to my second choice.
I’m still finding my limits and today was another lesson, fortunately nothing damaged.

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Sounds like an excellent day out Andy! I’ve done a few summits like that myself… makes for a good story to tell later at the pub. And the satisfaction of having earned that pint =)

73 :beers:

I did think about it, however with being off work at the moment I can afford to be a little more choosy. Anyway, I’ve already proved I can activate my local mountain Morven GM/ES-018 in 60 mph winds!

Keep up your good work!


Respect Fraser mate but I still think you’re insane lol
Sorry I missed you on that one. Best 73



This will make me unpopular with the db admin !

You can build your own database off line by extracting all the summits data ! Then run any query you want.

The following Python code gets you into the summit list for a specific summit by index number. You are then left with the problem of running the .js codes to extract the data you really want. That I haven’t done.


import urllib.request
import ssl

context = ssl._create_unverified_context()

ReqSummits = urllib.request.Request(‘SOTA Database’)

html = urllib.request.urlopen(ReqSummits, context=context).read()

You will have to write the rest.

An alternate approach will be to down load everyone’s activation file based on their id number

Import all the data into a SQL database (in other words reconstruct the SOTA database) I haven’t worked out the programmatic solution to this because there is the added complication of needing to be logged on to the SOTA data before you can down load.

There are various ways of screen scraping all tedious.

I think activating In Pin GM/SI-002 will be easier or more interesting than any of the above !

No doubt there are some APIs or scripts that are available to the db admins that would do the trick but letting them loose on the general population will kill the database if lots of people started to run them on a regular basis.

The other problem that db admins the world over have is, the world is full of queries that they could write for the users. No sooner than they answer a query then the user comes back with 10 more they want answers for.

To SOTA db admins, you are doing a great job with limited resources.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

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I was intrigued by the code needed to calculate this and have spent the last 20minutes playing.

On Sunday 5th Feb there were 242 scoring activations logged. Something I find quite astounding.

The breakdown for activations/association is

Numactivs AssociationName associationid
37 Japan - Honshu 107
15 England 1
13 Wales 2
13 South Korea 45
10 Germany (Low Mountains) 13
9 USA - Colorado 41
8 Austria 10
7 Ireland 7
7 Switzerland 12
7 USA 31
7 USA - Virginia 58
7 Australia - Victoria 66
6 USA - Georgia 77
6 Spain - North West 46
5 Italy 54
5 Norway 21
5 Scotland 3
4 Slovenia 24
4 Czechia 16
4 Poland 19
4 Northern Ireland 5
4 Portugal 56
4 USA - New Mexico 70
4 USA - Alabama 92
3 Costa Rica 148
3 USA - Arizona 59
3 Slovakia 57
3 France 14
3 USA 30
2 Spain - Canary Islands 47
2 Spain - Central 48
2 Spain - North 50
2 Spain - South 71
2 Brazil - Sao Paulo 150
2 Croatia 114
2 Japan - Shikoku 108
1 Japan - Kyushu_Okinawa 109
1 Japan - Hokaido 110
1 Canada - Alberta 78
1 USA - W9 88
1 USA - Arkansas 68
1 Spain - Balearic Islands 98
1 Australia - Tasmania 104
1 USA - West Virginia 72
1 Australia - Capital Territory 75
1 USA - Nevada 62
1 USA - Oregon 63
1 USA - Washington 65
1 USA - Carolinas 53
1 USA 34
1 USA 15
1 Isle Of Man 4
1 Greece 9
1 Hungary 11

Nooooooooooooooooo! (came the cry from the database server :slight_smile: )


Wow, what a wild weather activation, super inspiring!
Russ de W0LMS

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