SOTA database assistance

I’m attempting to help a friend who makes CW practice podcasts. I’d like to export the top 100 CW activators “Roll of Honour” to a .xls file. Print screen and ‘save page as’ don’t work in this instance.


Generate the page in SOTAData then copy/paste into a spreadsheet. Google Sheets annd Excel know how to deal with pasted table data.


I don’t have activators, but I do have Chaser files (helps with CW practice if you are an activator).

Top 200 USA + 20 VE + 20EU Chasers (I extracted these in January 2023 and they are on my google drive). I did as Josh said and selected - cut - paste into excel. Then did some editing/conversion.

Text file Version (also can be input file for RUFZ)

Master.DTA file (can be used as input to Morse Runner)

Hope that helps!


Josh and Jim, thanks. Both files forwarded. Hopefully we’ll have some recorded CW practice files shortly.

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