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SOTA Cyprus Award

Today, I received two awards from SOTA Cyprus:
Beautifully printed, looking very nice. The “First Activation Award” is for first-activating 5B-summits, the “All HF-CW Award” comes for activating using HF - CW.
Both awards carry the number 0001!
Cyprus is a very nice association, geographically and radio-wise belonging to Asia, part of the EU, with a lot of good summits, beautiful hikes and friendly people. Definitely worth a visit for the travelling SOTA Activator.
Thanks a lot!


My asset has one first activation of the Cyprus Summit. How to apply for a diploma?

Hi Martin

Congratulations on the awards and I must agree with you that Cyprus is a great place with lovely people and scenery and I would add great food!

Nick G4OOE

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How to apply for a diploma?

For the SOTA Cyprus awards rules check the 5B ARM.

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I agree with the above comments – great country, friendly people, and good accessibility for many of the SOTA sites.

I will be living in Nicosia, Cyprus for the next few years and would be willing to loan out equipment for anyone who wants to avoid lugging equipment through airports.

I travel on business frequently, so I can’t guarantee being available on any particular weekend, but if I am around and free, I’m also happy to ferry visitors about. Please email me in advance (I’ll keep my contact information on my QRZ page up to date).



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Details on how to request awards can be found here https://www.cyhams.org/wp/?page_id=5341
Quoting from the above link : “…
A request for an award is made by e-mail to the Association Manager. In the e-mail
the applicant should attach a list at which all the summits, dates and contacts are
recorded, as well as a brief description of the radio equipment used. …” Current manager email is 5b8ap [at] qsl.net

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