SOTA CSV Editor - Latest Update


An update of my SOTA CSV Editor to V1.5.7.0 was made available last night, this resolves a couple of issues that came to light yesterday:

  1. Using the previous version it was possible to create a CSV file that was not accepted by the Database site (where spaces were added to some data - specifically Summit References).
  2. The latest version of downloads of Activator or Chaser logs from the Database site could not be opened (due to the header line having been changed).

Existing users can update from a currently installed verion by Pressing Ctrl-F1 and clicking the ‘Check for Update’ button - or you can download directly from G0LGS: Software Information

Stewart G0LGS


Thank you for creating and maintaining this invaluable tool!

73 Paula k9ir

Thanks Stewart…your CSV Editor is very much appreciated.

73 Allan

Thanks for a good program Stewart.
73 Mike

Sorry, but if you tried to update prior to 19:35 today it would have just re-installed V1.5.6.9

Hopefully I have corrected the error on my site.

Stewart G0LGS

Thanks for the program Stewart!! I use it exclusively for my SOTA chasing and Activations. To me it is alot easier and very much faster than one by one. BTW I have never had any trouble uploading my files.
Thanks again,
Tim - K5DEZ

Following the discovery of a problem with CSVs created by the update I made on Sunday, a further update has been made today to V1.5.7.1 to correct that.

After installing the new update and before attempting to upload a CSV file to the SOTA Database: You will need to make the editor re-save the CSV log (so it updates the header): Just double-click any entry in the current log to pop up the “Edit Log Entry” Dialog and then click ‘update’ and make sue you save the CSV if prompted to do so.

A further update will be expected in a few days to deal with the re-occured problem of being unable to download the SummitsList CSV (I’m still trying to fathom out how to deal with that one this time around).

Another update tyo V1.5.7.2 has just been released that solves (again) the updating of the Summits List from the Database site.

Stewart G0LGS

There have been several minor updates since April to resolve minor issues, the latest of which was released yesterday (13th Dec 2020) as V1.5.7.5 which appears to have resolved an issue that a few in the USA had found, but I had been unable to re-produce that prevented the direct update of the Summits Database from the web site.

If you are using older versions (especially in zones that use MM/DD/YYYY dates) then it is probably a good idea to install the latest update.

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Thank you!


Stewart, I tried to update from 7.5.4, using the “about” tab on the log editor. As before, I couldn’t get beyond the download, so I uninstalled and started over. Catch 22… Needed the update in order to get the update. All good now… Regards.

Elliott, K6EL

@K6EL Elliott, that sounds like you Anti-Virus is blocking the download/update process - unfortunately nothing I can do about that as such.

However removing and then installing the program in a location other than C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) might help. (for most other Ham Radio Programs I install then in C:\HamRadio but I do not need to do that for my Editor).